Dow Plunge -800 2018 Instability

Welp thanks tax cuts and trade policy. 2018 will end flat. Volatile with fears if a recession. Remember how flat 2015-2016 was because Obama sucked? The trump pump is about to be dumped.

Hey at least trump doubled the deficit with full employment.

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As an investor I’m pretty annoyed, because so much of this slowdown can be traced directly to unnecessary, antagonistic Trump policies. He is having a direct, negative effect on our nation’s wealth.

Wall St doesn’t by his reality tv bs. They know real reality, and what he’s peddling is not it.

The chaos president

Concerns about what democrats are going to do I bet…specially with that crazy woman that’s taking over that powerful chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee.

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It all can be traced to his policies. But his sycophants will say ‘‘just wait it’s still coming’’. Yes, it’s still coming, but it’s not what you you’re expecting.

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I really hope no one is hurt too badly but I am looking forward to a big investment run when the Republicans decimate the market. Again.

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Did anyone NOT see this response coming? Some Grade A Trumpsplainin’. And we’re grading on the Trump University scale.


Veteran investor Jack Ablin suggests Wall Street is overreacting to the first Treasury yield curve inversion in a decade.

Imagine that.

I have no idea what this is about.

Not Trump.

I’m sorry. Never mind.

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Who might become our next president. Think about that possibility. :rofl:

Alexandria the Great?

Do it. Please do it. She’s perfect candidate for the left.

There’s always a crazy outlier, you should know that.

Here’s what disturbs me (and anyone who trades will understand).

We do our homework and learn how to trade over decades. We sometimes lose money and we sometimes make money. If you can win more than you lose and keep your losses low you can make money. We hate being caught in a trade that should go up but news kills it.

That’s all this year has been. Trying to do our jobs just to be caught in a Trump tweet or news and losing a big chunk.

That’s why I quit swing trading a while back. I can’t predict what he’ll do or tweet or what bad news will be reported about him or his team. It’s just too volatile.


What’s your point?

No different that Demsplainin’. People like to blame the opposite party.
Business cycles and stock markets tend to go up and down.

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Probably got trotted out because it’s a singular data point that allows one to feel comfortable continuing to carry water for Trump. And the data point is one guy saying something.

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