Doug Collins' office will be getting a call from me tomorrow

My sister and I almost had to take my mother to the hospital tonight over an advertisement that he sent her. She called me screaming that there were no more police to protect her city. I pulled and pried trying to figure out what the blazes she was talking about. I finally just told her I was coming over - called my sister to tell her she was in a hysteria and wouldn’t calm down. We got over to her house, and lo and behold there was a mailer from Doug Collins sitting on her coffee table. I picked that up and read it while my sister was taking her vitals (her blood pressure was 180 / 95 - hence thinking we may have to take her to the hospital). It was this long thing about how there would be no more police if the Dems got into power, etc. etc. etc. It took both of us an hour to explain that Doug Collins was affiliated with the federal government, and that decisions like this were made by the local city council. Fortunately, I know a guy on the local city counsel who talked to her and got her calmed down. I’ve got an appointment to stop by his office tomorrow to call Doug Collins’ office. He was furious, as am i.

This is the kind of crap this partisan nonsense is starting. For my own part, I had been satisfied previously merely to vote against Collins in the November election. I fully intend to tell him tomorrow that my sister and I will now both be giving $1,000 to his opponent, and will be volunteering to make calls on behalf of his opponent.

It’s apparently not enough now that we have a political party trying to ignore a pandemic. Now they are literally trying to scare people half to death. It’s personal for me now - the gloves have come off, and I’m going to be doing everything I can to push incumbent candidates out of office.


I think that this kind of thing is going to be the flavor this election cycle. Some Republicans have used scare tactics in the past. And I think the realization is setting in that they could very well lose the WH, Senate and more seats in the House. I am sorry that this had to happen to your Mom. I hope she will be okay. My Mom would have fits when her Doctor would prescribe her a new medication. When she got it she would read the list of disclaimers that were included. She would call me and tell me that she couldn’t take it because it would kill her. I hope your work pays off and you can get Collins out. Every time I have seen him on TV he really acts like a jerk on a high horse.


Thanks, I appreciate it. My friend on the city council mentioned he had received a lot of calls like mine. He mentioned he’s nearly at a point where maybe he can help set up something organized among those who have been affected by this. I’m hopeful something like that can happen.

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Seems like a waste of time and money.

Collins is getting reelected.

No recent polling in the Collins v Loeffler race.

No idea how it is going.

And I have gotten plenty of campaign flyers with the same retarded message.

Actually, no.

He is running for United States Senate,not for reelection.


Collins is running for the Senate now - not for re - election in the House

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I didn’t realize the primary was delayed this long and the only chatter I hear lately about that senate seat is regarding loeffler and her wnba stuff.

Is he not on the ballot for his congressional seat in case he loses his senate bid??

Either way, a waste of time and money to work against him.

Safe seats.

The United States Senate seats in Georgia (both of them) are definitely NOT safe seats. While Republicans have the advantage, it is going to be a very competitive race for both seats.

With the growth of the Atlanta suburbs, Georgia is another State rapidly changing from red to purple.

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Here is a pretty good article about the Georgia Senate race.

Thank God no one told her that Republicans were gonna push her off a cliff!


Good wishes to you and yours.

Keep your family safe!

He’s one of my favorites in the house. That libs hate him is just more verification of him deserving the seat.

Yeah they have been talking up that sort of BS for a half century at least now.

Every election cycle.

Wow. Hope everyone is OK.