Double Standards

In my brief time here I have had several moderators warn me about the need to be respectful to the “Honored Members” of the forum. Okay. I tried.

Yet, whenever I start a thread I see an avalanche of hateful posts, insulting posts, stupid posts, nicely sprinkled with lies.

So what is the deal. Is this a forum of “Honored Members” deserving respect, or a forum of hateful posts, insulting posts and stupid posts sprinkled with lies.

A review of the threads indicates it is more of the latter and less of the former.

I like to be respectful, and I like to be respected. I like to follow the rules and I am happy to do it. But I cannot be expected to respect and be respectful a gaggle of liars and hatemongers who show no such respect in their posts.

So, where does that leave me. Am I alone in this feeling? I’d like to know. I do know one thing: This is the Sean Hannity forum, and he says things on his radio and television show that would get deleted from this forum, and I say that based on deletions that I have seen so far.

So what exactly is the norm here. Let me know and I will follow it, but it had better be applied across the board to all.


People have been fighting like cats and dogs on this forum for almost a couple decades now. We are not allowed to directly insult people but the debate gets fierce. Its why we all come back. It has mostly been a great place for libs and conservatives to debate away. Try not to take it personally but absolutely flag someone if they are directly insulting you. Thanks for being here!




Har har!

I can respect that. Do you agree, though, that this forum is filled with posts that may cleverly avoid violating the “letter” of the rules but certainly violate the spirit of them, and quite horribly at that?

When the letter is enforced but the spirit is ignored than what good is it.

No you didn’t. You repeatedly personally address posters here. You may attack their ideas, not them. It’s not that complicated.


Mmmm- do people skirt directly insulting people but insult people indirectly? Yeah. Happens a lot. On both sides- really. But mostly we can put on our hard hats and handle that. Again try not to take it personally unless it really gets personal. No one can call you names, or attack your character directly. But yes, is there a lot of “skirting” here? Yup. Always has been.

What this place is not is an echo chamber- you will find a lot of snarky folks here on all sides of the political spectrum. Hope it doesn’t chase you off.


A fine example of an insult that did not violate the letter of the rules. Thank you for proving my point.

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I dont think you are gonna last long here.



Imagine if the moderators had to parse every phrase for the possibility of snark. It would be impossible and soon (trust me) everyone would be banned. They have to allow for some leeway to allow for debate (often heated). Otherwise this place would get really boring really fast.

Banning snark. Well I had a good run.

Well I had a run.


I guess I find vile, rude attacks on my beliefs as a vile rude attack upon me. Its only natural.

For example, if I were to say, “Hinduism is…” - followed by all sorts of rude demeaning things, I would think that a Hindu would be highly insulted, and I would not be surprised when they attack me.

If someone says that Christianity is fairy tales, they are essentially saying that we are all dopes for believing it.

Carefully worded insults are insults all the same.

So, you can either have a Forum that is respectful or not. Parsing out the words does nothing. And this forum is filled with far more disrespect than it is filled with respect. I find the term “Honored Member” to be laughable. Very few members have displayed much honor

And yes, I am new here, but it does not take more than a day to read the posts and sum things up.

Ah, well, thank you for your honorable opinion honored member.

If I do get booted out for speaking the truth, then that would be the greatest honor of all.

I like you. Your posts are thoughtful. Its not that hard, obviously. Why can’t everyone else do it.

You are right though, and that’s why rules are worthless, for the most part. Like someone famously said, I cannot define pornography but I know it when I see it.

Well, rude posts and childish posts should be deleted and good posts should stand. No specific guideline necessary as long as you have good decent moderators.

And yes, I know that will never happen. But it would be nice

I was uncertain whether I should post in this thread. Let me say that as an Aussie it helps if you have a thick skin to post on this forum.

This is awesome coming from someone who says liberals are possessed by demons.


I would love to respond to that with a thoughtful, rational, fact-based response, which I can easily do, but it would derail the thread.

The truth hurts. See I didn’t say anything personal.

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I don’t know how many times I have seen you attacked for coming here as an Australian…or CanadianJuno for coming here a s Canadian. Actually pretty direct insults. If y’all didn’t wear hard hats I would imagine you would never have stayed.

Now this is interesting to me. As an American, having heard many times that America always interferes with other country’s business, is it not understandable that I would not want a foreigner insulting my president and interfering in my politics? In this case it is not a personal insult, but rather I don’t want foreigners judging my country and my country’s laws, especially when we are the brightest light of liberty ever to shine for mankind. I don’t like it anymore than I would like my neighbor interfering in my family’s personal business.