Double Standard?

Here comes the republican victimhood. After all the things Trump has said and done, Trumpanzees are pearl clutching over what Bee said. Get the ■■■■ out of here.

The double standard is on the part of Trumpists, many of whom proudly wore shirts proclaiming Hillary to be a ■■■■.

Samantha Bee was right to call out the Feckless First Daughter. I’m confident she’d have said the same thing had Ivanka been seated in the audience.

Roseann, Samantha, the president…they all have attention deficit disorder. When they feel they are losing the attention of the crowd. They pipe up with something crude, inexplicably crass or just inappropriate overall. Even with the start of her new show…I could have cared less about Roseann…but I went to her twitter account to chide her for still tweeting things after she stated she was leaving Twitter. She could never leave the attention of her millions of twitter followers…Neither can the president…and I would imagine Samantha could not either. It’s why they do these things.

I think if we didn’t spend days talking about it. Debating it, and just letting the story be. Here is the issue. Just stop name calling. Stop trying to hurt people and then making up little ambien stories to cover your stupidity…

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Trump was too busy to talk about the Roseanne situation but he has time to tweet about Samantha Bee?

i may be wrong but Bee doesnt work for ABC so how can it be a double standard if she doesnt get fired? Each company makes their own hiring and firing decisions.

Funny to see the President who insults everyone and anyone cannot stand it when he or his family is the subject of insults.

But why does that make it ok…just because a person is in the audience? People need to stop being rude and obnoxious to people. That’s all.

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Bee’s whole format/schtick as a comedian is to use provocative language. She used just the word she wanted to convey her utter disappointment in Ivanka’s complicity with her vulgar father’s vulgar policies. If a person doesn’t like that, then they shouldn’t tune in/listen/attend.

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If Trump thinks Samantha Bee should resign for being cras, he should resign.

Indeed. If Trump believes that saying crass things is disqualifies one from being in the public sphere, then lead by example.

Until then, Trumpists can pound sand. I’ll even provide some for those too poor to get their own.

Exactly. You can’t preach the end of PC and whine when someone says something you don’t like.

So you’re saying impeach Trump then?

As I have pointed out here, we’re talking about two different animals. Roseanne was being racist. Bee was being fifthly. Plus, cast and crew members fled Roseanne’s Show. ABC had to cancel the show because people were dropping out left and right, and wanted to stop the bleeding.

The point being made is the double standard on the right. I mean, Trump makes Bee like comments everyday, and the response is always, “stop being snowflake” and “it’s only a joke.”

I agree. I think to further elaborate on that is that the speaker of the words are intending to do damage to whom they are speaking in some weird attempt to feel better with in themselves. Even though the chosen words are “racist” in nature, I don’t believe it necessarily discerns that the individual who spoke them is a racist. In the case of Roseanne, her choice of words was poor in that they were racist. I don’t believe she is a racist because she spoke them. I believe it’s the simple explanation of trying to do damage to whom they were speaking in some weird attempt to feel better with in herself. The same explanation applies to Samantha, it’s that she didn’t choose a racist word but her attempt was to do damage to the individual she aimed her hateful remark at in some weird attempt to feel better with in herself.

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Personally I think people are overreaching out on both sides.

Barr (as far as I know) is not a racist. She simply likes to use extreme examples to get her point across.

Bee was simply using extreme language to make a satirical jab at Trump’s immigration policy.

I don’t approve of either language, but at the same time, we should allow the concepts of free speech and allow comedians to do their job. And if people don’t like it, change the channel.


Then that’s my thing too. I’m gonna start using provacative language too to convey my contempt and disappointment for people who stick up for people who are just plain rude and vulgar. You seem to have no problem with it right?

Trump invites Ted Nugent to the Whitr House, the same Ted Nugent who called Hillary a ■■■■. Sorry, I don’t give two ■■■■■ what Samantha Bee called Trump’s daughter.

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Free speech as set forth by the first amendment does not give people the right to say what they want no matter what. It protects freedom of citizens to speak against the government without retribution. If you believe it gives us the right to say whatever we want to whomever we want. You just don’t get it. You can’t just call some one a ■■■■ because you disagree with them, dislike their beliefs or just plain dislike them. If that were the case you and half the people on this forum would be dirty ■■■■■. But I respect you and everyone else too much to call you a ■■■■. But by your statement Calvin…I could. Right?

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[quote=“Konssurvative1, post:36, topic:1503, full:true”]
Free speech as set forth by the first amendment does not give people the right to say what they want no matter what. It protects freedom of citizens to speak against the government without retribution. [/quote]

For the record, I never said the 1st amendment grants unlimited speech. Corporations/Businesses have ever right to fire or suspend their workers if they feel they are violating a signed code of conduct policy. In other words, you don’t have a right to be given a microphone on ABC or TBS.

My point here is that comedians are suppose to mock or ridicule people/things/events. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss. The Bee joke and Barr joke obviously fell flat and went overboard. When we tell comedians what they can and cannot say, I feel like it’s making their job harder. And quite frankly, I don’t get offended by comedians because I know they are just doing their job and intentionally trying to be offensive and shock people.

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Then my job here from now on is to intentionally offend and shock people…because I am the self proclaimed comedian of these forums…and I’m just doing my job ok.

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Since all you are is words on a screen be my guest.

Right…but what if I had a media outlet or TV show to say vulgar words about you? Would you feel same way? My point is that Trump has made it culturally ok to say what ever vulgar thing we want about each other and it’s ok. My opinion is it is not!