Double Standard?

This story is on Hannity’s own home page.

Now can someone tell me why it’s O K for “comedienne” Samantha Bee to call Ivanka Trump a feckless (c word), while Roseanne Barr was immediately terminated & her show cancelled for her tweets?

Especially since the “comedienne”–honestly, when did comedy stoop this low?–used the (c word), and no, that isn’t condoms, in the age of Women’s March and #metoo?

If Samantha was Samuel, wouldn’t he have been immediately fired? Can someone write me a handbook in entertainment of what is and isn’t acceptable to the point of immediate termination to say, and about whom one can and cannot comment?

Using the C word is a red line?

■■■■, I better make some calls.

All mean comments are not racist, but all racist comments are mean


Being rude and vulgar is the new normal. Hopefully being blatantly racist is not.

Also life is more complicated than can be provided in cliff notes form, sorry. Sometimes things may not seem ‘fair’ in this life.

Go for it. You protest TBS to get her off the air. I don’t watch her as I’ve never found her comedy that good, but there is a difference between a childish and vulgar insult and a racist comment about Muslim Brotherhood and an Ape. if you can’t see that, I can’t help you.

Ok, let’s give it to you. Let’s say Samantha Bee crossed the line and should be fired.

Now will you say the same about the foul mouthed vulgarian who bragged about grabbing women by the covfefe, “bleeding out of her whatever”, “get those sons of ******s out of here” and all the other awful crude vulgar things he’s said?


Then quit whining snowflake. I beleive it was Trump supporters buying shirts that said “**** your feelings.”


Referring to women as (the c word for vagina) isn’t?

I thought, particularly with all the sexual harassment allegations made by various performers, it would be an instant ticket to the exit.

I guess not.

Calling a woman a ■■■■ is sexual harassment?

So calling a man a ■■■■ is also sexual harassment?

Maybe the term for a woman’s vagina that starts with “c” is acceptable in the U K, but it is considered very vulgar here.

I called a mate an “R word”, “C word”, this morning.

She’ll never speak to me again now!

Not that I would call Ivanka a (c-word), she is a feckless pile of crap.

As to Miss Bee - I don’t see the need for her to apologize, but she did.

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Did she have blood pouring out her whatever though?


Is it too much to ask for in the age of Trump?!


As are Invanka’s fathers policies with regards to separating children from their parents at the border.

So Bee used a vulgar word to describe a vulgar person sitting idly by as her vulgar father enacts vulgar policies.

That’s a lot of vulgarity, but Bee’s is the least offensive.

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I’m assuming this “C” word is a synonym for the 5 letter word Trump likes to grab on women.

If so, no woman should be called that word.

It’s not racist but it’s disgusting. I like Samantha Bee but that was unnecessary.

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Locker room talk

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I agree, it’s not sexual harassment.

Do you even know what the thread is about?

It isn’t about Donald Trump, an elected official who would have to go through a formal impeachment process to be taken out of office.

It’s about why when one comic goes on rants, she’s off the air, but another can use a word that isn’t generally said around kids to refer to a woman and keep her job, although, to be fair, she did apparently apologize.

Do you understand why one got taken off the air and the other didn’t?
And it’s not because of a double standard.

Do you even know what the “c” word is?

I’ll give you a hint.

It rhymes with a certain move in American football, the “punt”.Maybe it’s considered acceptable in the U K , but it isn’t here. And neither Ms. Barr nor Bee got reprimanded nor employment terminated in the U K.