DOUBLE STANDARD: Grassley Says Fusion GPS Founder Gave ‘EXTREMELY MISLEADING’ Testimony

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Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley slammed Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson this week; saying the man behind the ‘Trump Dossier’ gave “extremely misleading” testimony to Congress.

“I hope that the Justice Department is handling all these instances of false statements to Congress with the same level of seriousness they treated Mr. Cohen’s,” Grassley wrote in a letter released Monday.

“Mr. Cohen did plead guilty to lying to Congress, and must be held to account for doing so. Congress must be able to get true information from witnesses in order to perform its constitutional duties. In the heated political environment surrounding the Russia investigation, it is also important to understand what Mr. Cohen specifically did, and did not, lie about, and not to draw unwarranted conclusions,” Grassley added.

Read Grassley’s full letter here.

Nothing will be done…I’m sure of it. Justice department personal is just as corrupt and dishonest.

When was last time anyone of them were hold responsible? They successfully dragged this out in hopes that democrats take control.

Kudos for them I guess.

Doesn’t even say he lied… whatever “extremely misleading” means.