Doomday Clock Countdown in 12 Years We Die!

That’s right! Crazy Eyes Cortez has proclaimed it & many democrats running for President confirmed it! So it’s for REAL!

Let’s see, it was about January this year it was predicted, so now we have 11 years and 9 months left…

So, from here on out we need to keep track so when year 12 arrives we can prepare for mass death on a global scale as the climate goes nuts & kills us all.

Get ready, your time is short!

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I wish I had a million dollars to bet that nothing will happen in 12 years, and we’ll all still be alive.

Tired of crazy kooky Insane Left Wing Democratic Politicians coming along
and telling Americans that the world is going to end, just to rile Americans up,
and trying to invoke fear into Americans.

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From my experience one doesn’t need to work particularly hard to rile Americans up.

The USA should ban semi-automatics and dump the electoral college in favour of the popular vote.

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Crazy Americans, all you have to do is threaten their rights and form of government and they get pissed.

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Let’s say trump gets a second term. That still leaves 8 years for a real American president to address the real issues of this country.

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If Democrats lose to Trump this time around, they may just come to their senses, but I wouldn’t bet on it.


My party has too many in the far left. We need to nominate a moderate.

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Isn’t it a little presumptuous to think that D Trump will still be in office at that time?

Doesn’t look like they intend to. They’re going to turn a lay up into a loss by nominating a kook.

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Care to make a signature bet on it?


Complex math will only confuse them more.

I don’t understand what you mean.

Sooo, are the rules now that we don’t link stuff anymore and just rant when we start threads?

Al Gore already said that. Here we are, coming out of a cold-ass winter, right on schedule, like always. lol

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That is weather not climate. Australia had its 3rd hottest year on record beating the previous 3rd hottest year in 2017. (Source:

Yeah, I know. The climate has been more stable in the last 10,000 years than at any point in our species’ history.

Thank God the Earth suddenly warmed up over 15° during the celestial events that started the Younger Dryas Period, right?

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This obsession from Trump supporters with this freshman politician with no real power is fascinating.

Human extinction will not occur because of global warming. Global warming will result in the extinctions of many other species, irreversible alterations to environments around the world, and coastal flooding.