Don't look for any reliable results from Alaska before August 25

As a precaution against double voting, Alaska will not even START counting absentee ballots until August 25. Due to the large number, precinct results (August 19/20) may not be a reliable indicator of the actual winner of a number of races, particularly in the vicious contests in the State Legislature.

And even precinct results aren’t going to be available until the wee hours of the morning.

So Alaska goes on the back burner. :smile:

When did Alaska ever get off the back burner? :grinning:

With the caution I made in the OP.

It appears Don Young is far enough ahead that he will win his primary regardless of the absentee outcome. Senator Sullivan is unopposed in his primary.

We won’t know until next week, but trends suggest conservatives may be successful in displacing moderate Republicans in the Alaska House.

At the rate they’re going, are there going to be any moderate republicans left? Hate to see what they will look like in ten years.

What do you mean by “the rate they are going”? It’s not the Republicans who are moving.