Don't be a DEFECTOR!

Looks like there have been a lot of DEFECTORS lately

Different Bruce they acted fraudulently

Ok, tell you what NRCC - please please please tell your precious little Trumpypooh on me. While you’re at it, please tell him he’s the reason I resigned all my positions within the GOP and quit giving money back in 2016.

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell him to call me if he wants to know why. I’d LOVE to tell him. Fair warning though - he’s not going to like what I have to say.

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I wonder how many of our resident Trumplicans got conned by this grift. Trump is playing them like a :violin: to pad his wallet. It’s funny and sad at the same time. :grin:


He was running while in the middle of a massive fraud trial for Trump University. “Mexican Judge” was the first overtly racist thing he said as President, after shooting to the top of the GOP field and never looking back after calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists.

Winner of the stupidest post of the day.

Nope. That’s all it is. Grievances Only Party.


What you gonna do with your trophy? :wink:


You all can keep your trophy.

Hope you aren’t a defector… Trump will get ya!

“We’ll have to tell Trump.” I can’t get over that.


This is me when a conservative becomes a defector

Fools and their money…

No sympathy here.

Yup. They deserve to be scammed if still they willingly donate. After what we witness in the last few months , you gotta be crazy or brainwashed to give money to gop.

The people on the Soros and China payroll. Same as the demoncrats.

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Buyer beware when everything is a 1920s Paper Moon style con is garbage.

Why would Soros work with China, they are not very big on the globalism,world government crap.

Trumpism Mad Libs

Is this factual…or another fake opinion piece like the NYT claimed to the courts that that’s all they do? :thinking:

You are given no evidence of massive voter fraud…you believe in massive voter fraud.

You’re given an actual link to the actual donation website in question…you believe the story might be made up.

Yeah…you are a MASTER at analyzing for the truth.