Don't be a DEFECTOR!

If you don’t agree to a recurring donation to the NRCC we’ll tell trump on you!

Article here:

People complaining about the source, here is the actual site:

Taking over the GOP and turning it into his own personal revenue stream is Trumps biggest grift yet.

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give us money, or you hate America.

Hey, why not? He has them wrapped around his finger. Why they fanatically support a wealthy, draft dodging NYC real estate developer, I will never know…

It is interesting considering the former guy isn’t even running for anything…but whoa, we don’t want him to know you hate America by not coughing up.

Shades of Oral Roberts saying God will take him home if enough people don’t donate enough money.

PT Barnum was right.

Because Trump was quite clear that he hates the same people they hate.

Immigrants, liberals, minorities, academics, journalists, on and on and on.

If they were honest they would simply say; Trump doesn’t like you, but he likes your money.

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Didn’t Trump have to give back a couple million in donations over this grift, or was that the GOP?

The only people Trump likes are people who tell him what he wants to hear and people who he thinks are powerful and wants to emulate.

Which is why he likes TV pundits and dictators so much, but appears to hate his own children.


By comparison, here is the Democratic page.

The Trump Campaign was forced to return $122 million in donations that were obtained fraudulently.

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Crime Boss Trump.

But somehow this will be proof that he loves his country and his supporters.

Totally different than “ActBlue” cause it said “don’t be a defector”.
Totally different.

Either Winred was more deceptive than Actblue, or Winred donors are more likely to get confused as to what type of donation they are making.

WinRed’s 2020 refund rate for the Trump operation was 10.7%, while ActBlue’s was 2.2% for Biden’s operation, according to The New York Times.

Yes, WinRed is demonstrably more crooked. Glad we got that sorted.

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does Act blue berate for not donating more?

I was wondering who was gonna roll in with a whataboutism

An imaginary one at that.




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