Donny Does London 2018

Ok, but I still think there is something else at play here.

¯_(ツ)_/¯ Demagogues play on emotion, not logic. You’re looking for intellectual, sensible reasons in a style that outright rejects intellectualism and sensibility.

It’s like drinking gin: you may not like it, but you get used to it. :slight_smile:

Libs would insist this guy should be given sanctuary.

Hundreds and hundreds of similar cases.

But one’s emotions are physiological in nature. They obviously need to be lied to. But why?

Good to see you, Margaret ! :heart_eyes:

I guess I better mix in some olives and olive juice…:cocktail:

Europe… never had difficulty, never had problems…

Until about 70 years ago Europe has been in an almost constant state of war for centuries.

Good to see you, too. Please stick around!

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It’s pure schadenfreude.

oh, he’s using them for his own gain for sure. he’s great at that. i’m sure he considers them peasants and way beneath him. i’m sure he’d judge many of them solely on their looks.

Oh no…

nonono…noooo.bad trump bad.

I <3 you so much

With the wrong dates

Sobere from alcohol…are we sure from everything else?

I think this is part of the reason Trumpkins accept being lied to. I just happened to spot in while reading the NYT this morning.

It’s funny to hear protests of hateful posts by the left with some of the threads here and in the right-wing mainstream media full of name labeling people “stupid” and “crazy” and other names. Maybe you missed some of those.

i love when i trigger the left

…and the right, again, never seems to understand what free speech means.

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Welcome back!

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Nice of you to admit you are just trolling.