Donny Does London 2018

Oh no…

nonono…noooo.bad trump bad.

I <3 you so much

With the wrong dates

Sobere from alcohol…are we sure from everything else?

I think this is part of the reason Trumpkins accept being lied to. I just happened to spot in while reading the NYT this morning.

It’s funny to hear protests of hateful posts by the left with some of the threads here and in the right-wing mainstream media full of name labeling people “stupid” and “crazy” and other names. Maybe you missed some of those.

i love when i trigger the left

…and the right, again, never seems to understand what free speech means.

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Welcome back!

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Nice of you to admit you are just trolling.

You’re Southern Baptist, Mitt Romney is a Mormon. I can’t imagine a Christian sect that labels Mormonism an actual “cult” be caring too much for Mormons.

Wrong guess but what I am is none of your business anyway.

The point stands. You probably don’t think much of Mormons.

Lets try a little test.

Do you accept that Mormons are Christians?

Lol, are you kidding me? Hey guys, what is your problem, did you not see how great uncontrolled immigration worked out for Native Americans? That’s your argument?

Not to mention they were forced to eat those peas, they didn’t volunteer to eat them.

I have political differences with Romney. McCain as well for that matter.

So are Mormons Christians? Do you consider Mormons to be “good”, or any kind of, Christians?

STHU zantax!
My argument is correct and non debatable. Stop caping for this racist bastard.


Yeah…hilarious on how much a basic jackass you are.
Wearing your Cape as usual. Kick rocks