Donnie debuts new Presidential Seal

This week Donnie debuted a new Presidential Seal, in front of a crowd of adoring young people. It features the Russian double headed eagle, with a wad of cash in one claw and golf clubs in the other. Hammer and sickles. And the words “45 is a puppet” in the spanish language.

How does this even happen?


I bet he pulls funding for sesame street.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The staffer who got fired is obviously a genius, lol.

Nice google skills.

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So, the twitter troll in the white house got trolled. That’s pretty funny…

The more I think about it, the more I’m chuckling.

But how does he get trolled so badly at a conservative event??


Has he or any from the right spoke on this epic troll yet?

haha. “good google skills” how stupid

coz it’s so hard to find anything on trump on google huh?


It is being reported that the AV company doing the event said that it was one of their Technicians and he was fired.

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Many fine people are saying the Russians are just reminding Donnie who is in charge. Not that I want to say that. But you wouldn’t believe how many are saying this, it’s unbelievable.

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Well, the guy worked for the conservative group Turning Point USA. His job was simply finding a (valid) presidential seal to display behind Trump as Trump was speaking at the group event. Your call.

This was a great way to tell your boss that you’re quiting


Totally worth it.


Are you saying you didn’t find this funny?

it’s in the frkn USA Today! lol

no. how do you get that?

gawd. “feed our stupid narratives or else”

Where’s Trump’s advance team? Such competence.

People are saying the Secret Service saw this but in keeping with protocol, made no comment.


Asked a simple question.

Why so touchy?

I was watching CNN years ago when Obama walked on the podium and his seal fell off and rolled down the aisle.
Hey Ms Lucy Lou…how did THAT happen???
Tell her I know how, the God was sending a message.

Wait this was REAL?!? I thought it was Photoshop.