Donnie and his Cheap Behavior promoting his Crappy Resort at G-7 Summit

"President Donald Trump turned a press conference at the G-7 Summit in France on Monday into a shameless infomercial to sell the Trump resort in South Florida as the best U.S. site to host next year’s meeting of world leaders.

It was typical Trump. Always the salesman. Never the statesman."

Why why why can’t this president act like the President of a wonderful country instead of a cheap reality TV star pushing his stupid “brand”?

Maybe because of this?

"It’s all about the money for Trump, whose prize resort in Doral has been struggling financially since he announced he was running for president in 2015, according to Trump’s presidential financial disclosure reports and media reports.

In his 2018 report, Trump reported income of less than $75 million from the Doral resort, way down from the more than $115 million reported on his 2017 report. In his 2018 financial disclosure, released in May, he reported having two mortgages linked to the property with Deutsche Bank, one for more than $50 million and another for between $5 million and $25 million. The reports were compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington-based watchdog group."

Dang, this cheap fraudster using the presidency and the taxpayer $$$ to shore up the failing and unsuccessful Trump Doral golf resort. Sad.

Oh, and this nugget of dumb:

“He even said “military people” and the Secret Service had recommended the resort.”

Nobody believes the Secret Service and military people recommended it. He’s a flat out liar and huckster and one would be a fool to ever buy what this chump is selling.

My opinion and the opinion of this editorial. :slight_smile:

I understand others will disagree and believe it appropriate for an elected government official to use his office to attempt to direct government funding into his own failing properties.

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Cue: TDS!

I love when Presidents do things for their own private business during official government events.


How long before he starts touring inner city schools and hawking Trump U degrees ?

Can’t beat it ! Why waste time and money trying to get into Ohio state ? With Trump U you’ll be a practically debt-free college graduate in six weeks or less !

Fat donald’s golf resort in Ireland is also losing money. So, what does he do?
He instructs his VP to stay there while on official business.
How is this ■■■■ legal?

This is literally behavior that would not be tolerated in any other elected (or unelected) government official.

And yes, I blame Democrats for not focussing on this obvious corruption.


Trump has to be the most corrupt POTUS that has ever been in the office, right?


Agreed. It pisses me off how they’re dragging their feet regarding this blatant corruption.


Literally, no one would tolerate a town mayor using his office to direct county events and spending toward his own crappy hotel.

This is the definition of corruption and dirty politics and self-dealing. We deserve better. I

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And if you book your reservations NOW…you receive 12 delicious Trump Steaks, free of charge. :cut_of_meat::us:


Harding still holds the title.

Is it last week again already?

It was reported this morning that Trump has mentioned his properties 70 times since he took office.

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Since 2017, Pence’s political group, the Great America Committee, has dropped about $224,000 at Trump properties, chiefly the Trump International Hotel in Washington and its on-site steakhouse, according to Federal Election Commission records maintained by ProPublica.

he just really, really does not want to be replaced by a certain former UN ambassador so what better way then to buy his seat…

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You got him now.

I am so looking forward to January 20, 2021 when Trump will get the hell out of D.C.

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Unfortunately these Trumpsters who embrace his corruption also get to vote.

I’m not convinced Trump will lose. Fifth Avenue Syndrome is very real with these people. If Jesus Himself came down from the heavens and told people that Trump was a cruel person and the antithesis to Christianity, Trump would tweet about it, and his supporters would mercilessly attack Jesus and say he wasn’t a Real Christian™.

How about addressing the actual topic of the thread.

Do you believe that Trump actually did what the reporter states he did, or do you just think that Trump has every right to push his resort on other politicians?