DONNELLY’S DECEPTION: New Video Shows JOE DONNELLY Hiding PROGRESSIVE POSITIONS from Indiana Voters | Sean Hannity

Explosive undercover footage from James O’Keefe and Project Veritas published Friday reveals the political maneuvers and widespread deception taking place in Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly’s Senate race, with insiders saying “we don’t bring up” certain policies with voters.

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It has become patently obvious, Democrat politicians don’t get it. We are tired of their lies and shenanigans.
It is clearly obvious today that few can get elected without lies and voter fraud motivating gullible less than observant useful idiots to vote for them. The saddest part being those who will fully lie and manipulate others for almost nothing.

You would think that everyone would know by now that the Democrats always have at least two faces, the one they show during campaigns and the one they show once the election is over. They are elected to represent their voters but once in office, they only work for themselves and the party.