Donations to White Supremacists are currently tax deductible

Ha ha, no. The one deflecting is the one picking nits rather than discussing any substance.

A certain poster currently on vacation doubtless approves of your rhetorical approach, though.

Troll? I’m here to educate you on who the traitors are!

Like Trump who refuses to shut down Uranium One?

Exactly… same ol’ lefty. Want a speech code enforced by govt.

What’s an acceptably level of white population in a nation? Under 50%? I’m just wondering what the goal is…

Whatever you think it should be. How’s that?

I’m not into using immigration to change demographics, but as a member of the left you are, so I would think you would have a goal in mind, or know the goal…

Come on, cratic. This manner of “debate” is boring. You attribute something to me that I didn’t say or infer so that I can spend precious moments responding to that. I’m fine going with what you think the goal is. Is that ok with you?

My point is that one complaint about a tax exempt private donation deserves another! The road goes both ways, tit for tat, etc. What exactly is your point?

I won’t tell you what to think, perhaps the TV will…

That’s an interesting take. When people agree with you that means you told them what to think? That is so odd.

We didn’t agree to what the percent of white population a nation should have. You were looking for someone to tell you what to believe.

Ok, you caught me. I want you to tell me what to believe. So what’s it gonna be?

For your ilk, I’m guessing the dream scenario is somewhere in the 100% range.