Donations to the Clinton Foundation have dropped significantly

I thought this was interesting. Wonder how many of you are surprised by this?

can i take a shot at this

i would guess that donations

to the foundation of every single ex president

decrease when they leave office

or stop running for president

because they have less political influence

am i right

what do i win

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Even more interesting is posting a blog post from 2016… Not to worry, though the lame duck GOP house is holding hearings on this important matter before riding off into the sunset…

Lock her up!

In other news,

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The first article is from 2018.

My intent is to look at how corrupt our politics has become, and I would never claim it is on just one side.

How’s Donald’s foundation doing?

I’m not a fan Trump. Maybe his foundation is corrupt as well.

Except the Clinton Foundation has had the best ratings possible given to charities and the Trump Foundation is going to trial for corruption. But please do go on about both sides.


Where did I say anything positive about the Trump Foundation? Also the thread was specifically about how after how after Hillary’s political influence diminished the charitable contributions plummeted. Do you have any opinion about that?

You posted you would never claim the corruption would not be on just one side while talking about charities started by politicians. In this case it’s like comparing an apple to a rotting corpse. The Clinton foundation is a real, working charity. The Trump one appears to be corrupt. We shall see how the case goes.

I think it sucks that contributions have dropped to the Clinton foundation. Remember, it is a charity that has received the highest rankings by charity watch groups. Less people will be helped.

…nothing to pay for now.

Is this a road you want to go down? Lol. Trump properties will make this an instresting conversation.

Now they’re paying Trump.