DONATE NOW: Click HERE to Help the Victims of the Midwest’s ‘Catastrophic’ Floods

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Vast portions of the Midwest continue to be threatened with catastrophic flooding and major downpours this week; with emergency responders and local authorities struggling to help citizens from Iowa to Nebraska and beyond.

The floods occurred when major rainstorms coupled with fresh snow-melt resulted in a massive inflow of fresh water into lakes, rivers, and creeks across the region.

“It was heart-wrenching to see the breadth of the flood,” said Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

“Just watching rescue boats go down, I mean, it’s speechless,” added one resident “Devastating. Heartbreaking.”

“Natural disasters are unpredictable and often have a devastating impact on Iowa towns and the communities within them. If your family, town, or area is experiencing the aftermath of a disaster, there are a variety of resources available in the State of Iowa to help you recover from a loss of shelter, food and water, or belongings,” adds the official Iowa state website.

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