Donald Trump's Star on the Hollywood Walk Vandalized


President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed by a man with a pickax early Wednesday, according to Los Angeles police Officer Ray Brown.




About time someone took out the trash.


The man has turned himself in. And the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which is in charge of the Walk of Fame, will probably take care of this. The Chamber takes these events seriously…

From the official Walk of Fame website (full URL at bottom):

Q: Who maintains the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
A. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a public sidewalk and is the property of the City of Los Angeles. As the owner, the City has the ultimate responsibility for the condition of the Walk of Fame. Other organizations may assist the City on a voluntary basis with keeping the Walk in good condition. If you wish to report a problem with the condition of the Walk of Fame and you live within the City of Los Angeles, call the City’s helpline (3-1-1) and ask for the Department of Building & Safety Street Services Division. If you are calling from outside the City, dial (213)473-3231.

Q: How does the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce help with maintenance?
A. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is responsible only for adding new stars to the Walk of Fame and does not have any maintenance duties. However, the Chamber is interested in seeing the Walk of Fame maintained in top condition. Through the Chamber’s “Friends of the Walk of Fame” program, the Chamber raises and contributes money towards the maintenance of the Walk.

Q: What is the role of the Hollywood Historic Trust?
A. The Hollywood Historic Trust is a nonprofit agency whose mission is to preserve the history of Hollywood. The Trust assists the City in making repairs to the Walk of Fame when requested by the City and as its finances allow. The Trust does this on a voluntary basis and does not have any legal requirement to do so.


I loathe vandals!

Even as much as I hate the fact Donald Trump is my President, I do hate vandals, even if they are vandalizing Trump’s Star.



Trump’s star had to be replaced after being vandalized in October 2016 by a man dressed as a construction worker. James Otis used a pix ax and a sledgehammer then, and later pleaded no contest to felony vandalism.

On Wednesday afternoon, Otis told KCAL9’s Dave Lopez he was trying to raise bail money for Clay.

It doesn’t sound like James learned his lesson?


There is no place for vandalism and violence. I’m glad the person who did this turned them self in and. I hope they face whatever the consequence for their action is. I don’t support anyone causing damage or potentially hurting others.


Silver lining. Thanks to the vandals, Donald Trump will have the newest star on the walk. Thanks guys.


That’s what you get when you’re a Hollywood liberal, like Donald.


The stars shouldn’t be vandalized. I hope they throw the book at the perp.


That happened Inauguration day 2016.


Today on Hollywood Boulevard in L.A. – Two guys dressed as Russian solders guarding the damaged Trump star location. :slight_smile:


Looks like Kevin Spacey and Bill Cosby stars are intact.


Sorry but I cant get worked up over this, sure vandalism is wrong but the Hollywood walk of fame is just celebrities stroking their own ego’s.


Great, what does that have to do with this?

Oh, are you comparing sexual assaulters and how their stars are treated?


GOD love America!



That’s some hilarious ■■■■ right there.


How about some very interesting news? Trump’s star in Hollywood is multiplying. :sunglasses:


They probably all have different mothers…


I say do away with Trump’s star in hollywood. His face on Mount Rushmore should suffice! :sunglasses::+1: