Donald Trump: Making The Gospel Great Again

Any religious people here? Do you have a problem with the electronic signs in Missouri that rotate this political/Christian ad?

The abundance of support for Trump by so-called religious people shows how patently hypocritical a lot of religious people really are.


Not a cult


Sick and twisted. Depraved.

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Even before matters of blasphemy and heresy should be considered, the Evangelical who purchased that billboard should have asked themselves if the Gospel would be advanced or cheapened by this.

I hope this catches national interest, so maybe we can get a word from the person, pastor, or congregation that thought this was a good idea.

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The tweet says the group has a Facebook page.

How many times has he cheated on his wives?

To be fair, Donald is the greatest messiah since probably Jesus. Many, mnay people have said so.

What is this billboard insinuating? That’s he’s the second coming?

“The advertisement is owned by DDI Media but there is no clear message on the image about who paid for it.”

I would make no assumptions of who put this up or why.

From lips of God himself …

“They’re going to show up for me because nobody’s done more for Christians or evangelicals or, frankly, religion than I have,” he said in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network published on Thursday.

The true messiah.

Watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them. For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.

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God approves this message.

Render to Caesar those things that are Caesar’s and to The Lord, those things that are The Lord’s. The Lord instructs me to pray for my leaders and I want them to do well but…I only worship…The Lord.



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Eight years being told democrats consider Obama to be the messiah (although I don’t recall any ever saying that), and now this. Sheesh.

Fat donald, the true son of God.

A lot of Republicans called President Obama the Anti-Christ.

And Hillary.

I still get a kick out of the fact that Hillary Clinton is a much more decent human being than Donald Trump.