Donald Trump Jr

So say Jr goes to Mexico and engages in some shady business deals earning 3 million from a Mexican Firm. Then the company and him start getting investigated by the Federales.

A few days later Daddy happens to be in Mexico speaking to their President Lopez. He threatens the President of Mexico (Lopez) that if he doesnt fire the lead prosecutor of Mexico investigating his son and the firm that he will stop 1bn in aid destined for Mexico. Further, he tells the President he only has 6 hours to fire him. It has to happen before he leaves the country or the 1bn is gone.

Now imagine Trump on TV bragging about how he pressured Lopez and how Lopez fired the Prosecutor. (I could see Trump doing that by the way)

If that was all uncovered, and they had him on tape bragging about it, do you think the Dems would be calling for Trumps impeachment?

I think they would and rightfully so. I would fully support them for calling for his impeachment under such a scenario.

So why are they not calling out Biden for this exact scenario? Instead they are calling out Trump for being caught on tape telling the Ukraine President to investigate this matter, and they want Trump Punished for it! Are these people nuts?

I am dumbfounded that no one on this forum has addressed this issue, but I fully understand why the left wants it to be kept hidden.

Oh well, lets go back to Trump bashing as previously scheduled.

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  1. there was not an active investigation into the company Hunter was on the board of

  2. the lead prosecutor was corrupt and it was the official stance of many world governments and NGOs to want him gone

  3. at least learn some basic facts


It is not America’s place to tel Ukraine who to fire. Learn that fact!

I see a video of Biden saying he blackmailed Ukraine if they didn’t fire the Prosecutor that is investigating the shady dealing with his son.

Of course it is, if they want aid money.

Corrupt, sure he was, what excuse do you for Biden jr pocketing 1.5 billion from the Chines Government after Biden took him to China with him.
Let me guess, it’s illegal for Biden to pocket money but not his son.


Hunter Biden secured a $1B contract. Speculation that he was “stuffing his pockets” has been made and published on Breitbart. Hardly proof that a crime has been committed. But since you seem to love conspiracy theories have at it.

Trumps DOJ should investigate and prosecute just like they did for Hillary.

To make your analogy more complete, Don Jr didn’t just go to Mexico to get a cushy job. He was asked there after daddy started acting as point man to fuel our tax dollars to Mexico.

They fired a corrupt prosecutor and put in place “someone who is solid”.

I actually watched the video.

Big cowards… Hunter Biden is covered by FCPA… Why is the Trump administration not taking their “evidence” before a grand jury? Are they afraid?

If the DJT scenario happened the way you paid out, the response to Democrat call for investigation would be this:

Trump is president. If he wants to demand something from another country, he can do whatever he wants. It’s not illegal to talk to Mexico. The investigation is pointless because conflict of interest laws don’t apply to the president. And the investigation is illegal because the president can’t be investigated since he has immunity. If the House tries to investigate me, it will go nowhere since everything involved is covered by executive privilege. They won’t get any documents or get any testimony. Don Jr shouldn’t testify because it’s a witch hunt. You can’t impeach someone for having the best economy probably ever.

No collusion.


The short answer is because it is not even remotely close to the same scenario. Tons of detail, timeframes, and context has been omitted in your hypothetical as it relates to the actual events involving Biden.

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So as it ends up, you guys are OK with pressuring a foreign govt not to investigate Hunter Biden? If the prosecutor was as currupt as you claim, the optics would have been a lot better had they just bought him off. It looks to me like he wasnt corrupt enough to be bought off so they had him fired.

Also, do you think Obama and the congress supported giving Ukraine 1bn dollars in aid so millions could go to the Biden Family?

You guys are upset about a few rooms being rented to Air Force personnel from a Trump Hotel, but the Biden family getting millions from a shift back is OK?

Was Giuliani drunk tweeting again?

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Giuliani is either a complete idiot or relying on idiots to believe his BS. The DOJ was the power to launch a FCPA investigation anytime and take it before a grand jury. Are they cowards or there is not enough evidence?

They are cowards. No one wants to upset the apple cart.

No, they’re responsible. Giuliani has no accountability. The DoJ does.

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Biden sold out the American people to the Chinese is what he did!