Donald Trump Jr indictment question

So, I’ve been hearing all over the place that an indictment for Jr. is coming. My question to everyone here is, what would fat donald do if and when this happens? Would he fire Mueller immediately? Will the Republicans in congress do anything about this obstruction of justice?

Donnie ■■■■■■■ would declare the whole Dept. of Justice unconstitutional, and tell his slack-jawed moron followers that he’s acting to prevent a constitutional crisis. Said morons will cheer.

I’m still waiting on Karl Rove to be indicted.

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What does the alternative press secretary for the United States say the charges will be?

You better not be getting my hopes up for nothing @Apocalypto

Not much the Don can do. The indictment will tear his family apart but he can’t stop it at this point. He can try and prevent more damage by firing Mueller but that would be very very ugly.

Walls are closing in.

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I agree, but if he fires Mueller, what would be the repercussions?

None, people that would enact the punishment for impeachment is the Senate, and GOP don’t care if POTUS violates the law as long as he signs tax breaks for the rich donors.

Nixon had Bork fire the Watergate investigator, but they just replaced him with another investigator. At this point the investigation would continue after Mueller. Really it’s too late for Trump. Mueller is writing his final report. If it shows that Trump is an unidicted coconspirator the House would certainly take that up. Impeachment would still be highly doubtful but who knows?

Trump Jr would be in for a hell of a time though if he is indicted. They will likely offer him a plea deal for rolling on his pop.

Lock him up.

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Three sources say it will be that he lied to Congress and the F.B.I. that Sr. Had no knowledge of the infamous Trump Tower meeting. Why would he be telling his friends that unless he has inside info? Has he been offered a plea deal?

Too late… In January, the House Judiciary Committee could hire Mueller to finish the report.

He’s Trump’s agent Smith


I’ll wait also for junior’s indictment.


Okay that made me laugh.

Trump would set a Guinness world record most tweets in 10 minutes



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Or just grant him a pardon.

It’s like some people have blocked Presidential pardons from their minds.