Donald Trump is just like many Americans. Here's why

He is just like our country’s…

  • Military Members: Because he’s tough

  • Christians: Because he lives like Christ

  • Parents: Because he sets a good example

  • Accountants: Because he pays his bills

  • Business People: Because he’s honest

  • Laborers: Because he works hard

  • Missionaries: Because he cares about people

  • Scientists: Because he’s logical

  • Teachers: Because he’s well read.

  • Congress: Because he controls our debt

Donald Trump is just like millions of Americans and that’s why you’ll see those same people vote for him and his policies.


Yep. And he’s rich and famous. Like a movie star, or a sports hero, or a pop singer. Star struck fan bois are renown for giving too much weight to the opinions of celebrities.

Trump knows his audience, and his audience is too _________________ (fill in the blank) to form their own opinions.

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Don’t forget self made man.


i know i was earning $250,000 per year when i was 3yo. you a slacker?


0-4 year olds (approx 20 million): because he constantly weeps like a ■■■■■■■ child.

He is just like many Americans because the average IQ is 100.

Are you superior?

Depends on the criteria.

She provided the criteria: IQ.


As long as “superior” is descriptive and not normative, then yes. Objectively.

All Good points… Too bad dems think working class white people are evil.

Except he does not control the debt.

Obama was not a missionary. Look at Honduras and Guatemala after 8 years of Obama. Women and children in misery.

Dems and the international left don’t mind, they love the politics so why would they help them fix their country?

Trump made some brilliant remarks on Jealousy talking to the young Black leadership. It’s a really strong emotion in some people.

Nice. How do you know? Are you superior to me?

I am White Working Class.

I never got that message from the Dems.

^ Just wanted to point out the exact post where race was introduced into this thread.

If the question can be answered by a simple x > y, then it depends on the variables.

Donald Trump is a selfish, greedy scumbag. So yeah, just like many Americans.

Again, the standard has been identified.