Donald Trump Claims News Source “Doesn’t Exist”, Surprising Witnesses

I think he’s mentally ill so I hesitate to be too harsh. He’s ranting about jewish banking conspiracy in another thread.

I wouldn’t kneel and shine his ■■■■■■■ shoes.

So Trump says the NYT made up a quote based on a made-up source, but there is video of a White House spokesperson saying what Trump says was made up. Good thing to keep in mind next time Trump claims “fake news”.

4. I've obtained audio of the WH press briefing. You can hear Raj Shah, Deputy Press Secretary, introduce Pottinger (along with the terms - which are standard) and then Pottinger makes the statement that POTUS says was never made. Lots of reporters in briefing room and on phone.

— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) May 26, 2018

Now that he’s been declared an unperson Trump’s supporters should be along to say he never existed.

Supporters not qualified to internet.

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Didn’t see this thread before starting mine.

How many times do you think Matt Pottinger mom has called him today?

“It’s okay honey, we know you exist, we love you”

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Dumb Donnie Derpelot isn’t qualified to shine his own shoes.

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And so come the crickets from Trump’s supporters. This one is so retarded that even they can’t spin it.

You can’t fix stupid.

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and our so-called president is melting down on Twitter, being ignorant, lying, acting like a crybaby, and trashing other Americans.

So cons have spent decades having moist dreams about Reagan. Have all their dreams come true with this piece of garbage?

Trump isn’t qualified to tie them.

In contrast, noted fake news purveyor and cooky leftist Jake Tapper (previous accusations on the level of Trumps tweet) has spent the weekend tweeting the names, pictures and stories of fallen soldiers.


Memorial Day is about our soldiers who fought tyrants, nazis and communist totalitarians and terrirists and bravely died. Fiendish leftist trolls spit on their graves.

you people certainly kneeled for Obama

That’s what mean. Why just why?

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Why don’t you pass that along to President Punkinhead?

Leftist brigading?

Poor baby.

Here you need some hugs :hugs:

Trolling? Leftist trolling?

Too funny.


It is most of the Leftists here that pretty much add the most substance here whether in serious posting or light hearted jabbing.

He is really flying off the handle on twitter today…