Donald "Take the Guns, Worry About Due Process Later" Trump Is Speaking At the NRA Fest

Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha

I’m sure the crowd will bring that up as much as righties complained about Obama’s gun clingers comment.

When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by the forward assist.

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Trumpists long ago dismissed that comment as just locker room talk.

I’m calling on EVERY red blooded patriot in Dallas to go down to the NRA event and give our president a show of force. This is America! :us: We take guns everywhere

I wonder if Trump’s guns are gold plated like his toilets?

When did you guys start caring about gun rights? Personally I think Trump is a joke. The only times I will defend him are when I think the people who are attacking are being unreasonable, or at least their attacks are. I’ve criticized him many times too. Not every 2A activist is for Trump. Heck, my dad who is a hard-core Trump supporter doesn’t agree with all his agenda- and he’s very disappointed that Trump is advocating for AR-15 ban.

I think that some on all sides of the political spectrum are making an “all-or-nothing” logical fallacy, in that they assume that if a person votes for a politician, they agree with 100% of the politician’s agenda, which isn’t always the case. They vote for them because they think they are best fit for the job, but not necessarily agreeing with everything they are saying. There is a difference.

Sometime in the early '90’s when I was in High School.

What does this have to do with the fact that Donald advocated taking people’s guns without due process?

Some America/Donald hating liberal put teleprompters in front of Donald’s NRA podium to make him look weak and feckless like Obama.

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Did it ever occur to you that there are plenty of people on the left side of the spectrum that care about gun rights?

I often wonder why people take the most extreme viewpoints of the spectrum and associate them with everyone else up to and including those who only slightly lean left. To be fair it happens on the other side too.

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Curse those crafty lib devils - always one step ahead!

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Nicely done! 7 points

Why do you assume he has one?

It did, but after watching and listening to them…

Guns don’t have rights.


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That would be gun’s rights not gun rights

They are people rights.

During the 2010 Tea Party wave, the (D) in my House race actually received the NRA endorsement over his Tea Party opponent. Of course, he ended up losing, but it was interesting to see.

Your link ain’t got no words, then it redirects to his speech to the unarmed today.