Don like the so called "deep state", shall we repeal the Pendleton Act and make all 2 million federal employees subject to the absolute will of the President for their office

  • All federal employees should be subject to the absolute will of the President for their hiring and tenure.
  • The Pendleton Act should be kept and civilian federal employees should have merit system and career tenure protection.

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You don’t like the “deep state”, then throw down.

Are you willing to completely jettison the Civil Service System for all 2 million federal employees in the interest of hiring individuals whose only qualification is zealous and absolute loyalty to the President.

Every new President, fire everybody down to the lowest janitor at GS-1. Don’t like the deep state, that will get you to that goal.

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Bad poll…

We go through this ■■■■ every time a Republican president dares to fire anyone.

We never go through this ■■■■ when a lib president does the same.


Closes I can pick of the two options.

There should not be career tenured people serving in the government. They mess up, they go against the policy of the administration (and that can change overnight), then they should be let go.


That is exactly what numerous parties are essentially going for. The ability to purge the civil service of anybody they deem an enemy, regardless of whether that person is an enemy or not.

Good poll.


If they’re using there position to promote their political views…shut em down.

Sorry if that bothers you but I want my goverment to remain neutral at all times. No acceptation.

And did you have problem when Obama purged? How about Clinton when he purged the FBI?

People in goverment must realizing there jobs aren’t guaranteed. And that they answer to politicians that has to answer to the people.

Apparently you seem to forgot that somewhere


There needs to be continuity in government.

No need to expound.

Wait, in the other thread weren’t you saying elections have consequences and calling for retribution?


I have opposed certain terminations by the Democratic side.

But it is a certain subset of the Republican side that has this belief that a certain cabal of civil servants is conspiring to obstruct their policies, which I don’t find to be the case at all.

One or two individuals does not a cabal make.

Most of the problems Trump had with the civil service were of his own making and that of the Senate. Slowness to nominate political appointees and the slowness of the Senate to confirm them.

If Trump had gotten his politic appointments in place early, little of what he complains about would have happened.

But when political appointees are missing, guess what, career civil service fill those slots on an ad interim basis.

I would also suggest.

I never had a problem with Reagan, G.H.W. Bush or G.W. Bush, apart from the singular United States Attorneys affair.

99.9999% of career United States federal employees are NOT out to get Trump. If he can locate, identify and through proper process locate that 0.0001% that might actually be causing a problem, I won’t object.

I do object to blanket attacks on the civil service and the hoisting of the innocent with the guilty. If you can identify somebody that is truly abusing their position in an attempt to thwart the President, then fine, seek their removal through the proper channels.

But leave the vast majority of good people alone.



Argue booths sides…create chaos…annoy people when you dont give a ■■■■■■■■■■■■ to trump world

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Sure it was

That’s not how this works. You say this now ut that’s because trump is in office.

You caught me…I’m totally anti-govt workers…unless they’re Trump appointees, then they’re great, because he only hires the best people. Until Trump fires them, then they were always horrible people and absolutely deserved what they got.


Democratic presidents firing folks = crickets.

Republican president fires someone = throw down poll threads.




Given who the op is I’m gonna say you totally dont get it


Only one side is exhibiting paranoiac behavior in this area.

The bureaucracy, as a whole, is NOT out to get Republicans.

And, as a whole, Democratic Presidents have made relatively few terminations that would be out of the ordinary.

Just the normal terminations that take place when the Presidency changes partisan hands.

Terminating Patronage Ambassadors and other political appointees is just fine.

And I had ZERO objection to Trump doing the same thing.

It is a relatively small number of terminations I have concern about.

I had plenty of negative things to say about Obama, but they were all primarily policy oriented.

And I had concerns with him stretching the power of the Presidency to the limit, as I had with all Presidents.

But for the most part, he treated the civil service respectfully and did not make any unjust terminations.

The terminations he did make were proper, just as the terminations Trump made upon initially entering office were proper.


Our great President Trump can be trusted to do what is best for America.


Because of his magnificent ego.

He intends to set the new standard for Presidential excellence.

He is on track to be judged by the people and by historians as the best not only since Lincoln, but the greatest of all time.


And his performance so far and his decisions so far have done nothing that would detract from being judged by those lofty standards.

He could be trusted with the kind of power.

But you you know what they say about absolute power.

It corrupts, absolutely.

And are there any others who vie for the office who would warrant the kind of trust many of us would think to grant Pres. Trump?

Well, the only one I can think of would be Ted Cruz.

But, if integrity were valued more by the voters than it has been on the Left, and it became a campaign winning quality they would NEVER win another Presidential election.

Bottom line, even though I trust Pres. Trump enough to grant him “Pendleton Act” power, I would not give it to every President.


I also don’t agree with tenure for teachers and professors.

Too damn hard to get rid of the bad one’s.

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