Don Jr Lied To Congress


Ugh… can you stop saying that…


“I did state you are in a world of hurt if you choose to use these rationalizations for the actions of Trump - because it is pretty clear they wont fly in the face of either the law or the standards of basic ethics.”

I wan’t some further elaboration about how I’m in a world of hurt. Hurt in what way? Hurt by whom? Will my family be involved? Tell me more. I’m interested in this.


One thing is almost certain. Trump Jr. won’t plead guilty to lying under oath, as others in Trump’s circle have.

As forum members have pointed out, the key to any successful prosecution is proof of intent to lie under oath. That burden is really hard to prove. In the case of mere mortals, they stand no chance against the unlimited government resources that would be deployed against them. Thus, that mere mortal can be coerced to plead to anything, or risk losing everything they own trying to defend themselves.

That isn’t the case with Trump Jr. He too has unlimited resources and access to the best lawyers money can buy. I seriously doubt Mueller or anyone else would seriously give him the time of day, knowing that they won’t be able to push him around.


So did Manafort. So does the president, and look how well that is going for him.


I think I know, they call it “butt hurt”.


Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen anyone in this thread saying Trump wasn’t president…well, at least for now.


Manafort was tried for real crimes and was found guilty. He wasn’t tried for lying to the FBI or to Congress. In regards to the President, what on earth are you even talking about??? :confused:


But he is your president.

trump loves being your president and he is grateful to obama for failing so miserably that the country wanted no more of obama/hillary policies.

He’s grateful to hillary for being such a lousy candidate that she lost to donald trump and he can now cal, himself YOUR PRESIDENT!!



Let us know how it all turns out.


He embarrasses me, my taxes have gone up, everything seems to cost more, and I don’t trust him leading our military!

And I think he loves people loving him being president, but not being president!



Thats Michael Cohen first.
Next is John Dowd kvetching loudly about trump at an outdoor cafe next to the NYT building
The third is a link reminding you that Don Mcgahn has been singing to Mueller for months.

Those are trump’s lawyers.

Oh, and see my avatar for the best.


It will be mentally painful for trump supporters to realize how big of a lie trump has told





I’m still not following your train of thought. The President remains untouched at this point. Nothing points back to him or to his campaign. There was no collusion.


Coming from the side claiming “collusion” and russian “election meddling” for two years and now we’re talking about jerome corsi and failed business deals that never moved past an initial proposal?? These are the people talking about big lies??


Collusion gimps are really something.


They think they can talk it into reality.

Doesn’t work that way.


Yea cause like, trump associates directly dealing with Wikileaks and large business negotiation for a trump tower in Moscow during the campaign, both of which have been repeatedly lied about, have nothing to do with collusion and election meddling…


Anyone else getting the feeling that mueller didn’t charge manafort years ago because he knew manafort would eventually be an advisor to another republican candidate and mueller could hold it over manafort’s head at a later date??

Maybe mueller just that disinterested in tax fraud back then, but it seems very odd knowing what we know now about all of the other fbi initiated contacts with team trump.


All you have to do is prove it.


That’s mueller’s job.