Don Jr Lied To Congress


Yup. It’s the state of America, or a large minority of people who live in America.


Thanks for the update. An emphasis on the truth, even when it is not what we originally thought, is the best possible chance we have as a country to solve for this problem.


At least evangelicals are now truly the “forgotten man” with zero credibility.


Trump was elected to poke “libs” in the eye Trumpers could care less that he is a liar looking to enrich himself.


Trump was a private citizen until January 2017.
You said he was building a tower, yet you won’t tell us anything about the location of the tower or it’s completion date.
You indicated I was involved in it and in a world of hurt. You refused to answer how.
As I said- your posts are erratic and incoherent.


Don Jr is going to be indicted. This is just the most foreseeable outcome and has been to those following along since the “if it is what you say it is” email came out. The night after when he appeared on the show and lied directly to our faces I was in a thread (old board) saying he was going to be indicted. Nothing has changed. This is reality, it cannot be avoided.

Now,however, I have a fantasy of him trying to run. Running down 5th avenue, looking back over one shoulder, his tie whipping over the other. Maybe it takes the agents a few seconds to realize, “oh ■■■■■ he’s running” but in his panic he bumps into postal box, or a good Samaritan intervenes, like some guy named Brett makes a citizens arrest, or maybe he just runs out of breath and sits down. It becomes the biggest video on youtube. This is my fantasy, you can’t take it away from me.


They’re working on that script for the finale of Season 2.

Last draft I saw had him being tackled in the middle of the street after he jumps over the hood of a yellow cab by Rosie O’Donnell.

Don’t tell anyone. It’s purely on the low down for now.


They Senate Judiciary is going to call him back to testify publicly. Then we will all see them crack Jr open like an egg.


Trump was a dishonest crook as a private citizen. He’s brought that dishonest criminal behavior with him to the White House. The fact that you and republicans don’t care is no surprise because you’re all morally bankrupt.


But he lied over and over and over…

Does integrity matter at all to people anymore?


That was quite descriptive. I was able to picture that scene in my mind down to the snot bubble popping in his left nostril. And you didn’t even mention that he was blubbering.


You keep saying “Trump was a private citizen” as if that means anything. It doesn’t. I never claimed Trump built a tower. I have, though, referred to his business dealings about building a tower. This is apparent and clear, given the current news cycle. I didnt say you were “involved” with a deal. I did state you are in a world of hurt if you choose to use these rationalizations for the actions of Trump - because it is pretty clear they wont fly in the face of either the law or the standards of basic ethics.


I have a question.

My question is: So what?


Right! When they gonna learn that there strategy for attacking Trump dont work? Trump doenst lie his family doesnt lie and his supporters love him cause he trolls libruls! Finally telling it like it is!


…a private, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ tax-cheating, lying, unfaithful, welching, citizen that Republicans nominated and elected to the highest office in the land.


Gosh! What curse words are that long???


it’s like a game of hangman…


I hyphenated porn star ■■■■■■■ and ■■■■■ grabbing. Seeing it censored reminded me of the Elder Swear. Google it, if you are not familiar.


A few months ago I remember the driver in front of me sticking his hand out the window and giving the finger to that golf course while going over the bridge. I’m surprised more vandalism hasn’t been done to that place.


When can we be expecting that again?

trump is still your president.