Don Jr Lied To Congress


Nah just pointing out not all of us suffer from short memories here. Feel free to continue trying to rewrite history though. I’m sure there are plenty of mindless drones who will swallow it without question. :roll_eyes:


Mueller started after the election. Therefore, Mueller isn’t doing opposition research to affect the 2016 election. I understand that the concept of linear time can be abstract and difficult


Obvious troll is obvious. :roll_eyes:


I’m well aware that Mueller was appointed after the election to take over the investigation that had already been begun under Comey. But hey, we know how you guys won’t let facts like that get in the way of your narrative. :roll_eyes:


Hey tell me…

Who made Don Jr lie about the Ttump Tower meetings?

Who made Flynn lie about being a foreign agent and contacting Russians during and after the election?

Who made papa lie about his Russian contacts?

Who made Cohen lie about paying off a porn star and Russian deals?

Was it Comey, Page, Mueller? The 17 angry democrats?



Judge Napolitano believes Don Jr. will be indicted. Will Sr. blow a gasket should this happen? :thinking:


Maybe Trump shouldn’t have said on live national television to a reporter that he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation. Just saying.


Or reassure the ambassador from the Russian Federation that, "I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job. I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”

There’s two “tells” right there.


Read what Doug said. You cant effect the 2016 election in the year 2017 or 2018. Time doesnt work that way.


Uh huh. Who ordered Comey to begin the investigation into Russian “meddling” to begin with? Why? Or are we still pretending none of that matters? :roll_eyes:


The deeeeeeeep state


Of course, which all started with Mueller. :roll_eyes:


Mueller and the CIA did 9-11!!


Trumpists believe the DNC, the FBI, the DOJ, the President all settin’ Trump up. But the notion that their Lord might have coordinated with the Kremlin is oh so “out there” :rofl:


Coordinated with the Kremlin who then turned over the info to WikiLeaks, right? Has WikiLeaks been linked in this vast conspiracy to affect the outcome of the election yet? I mean Assange and Trump are obviously best buds as well. Right?

Speaking of timelines:

Deep State indeed. :laughing:


This is a good point.


You cant be serious…


Do you know who Roger Stone is. Oh and by the way, I love Wikileaks!


Is he the one with the pee tape?


You’re bouncing off the walls here bud. Slow down. Do you know who Roger Stone is? I love wikileaks!!! DEEP STATE