Don Jr Lied To Congress


Still waiting.






with all the mounting evidence he’s had to circle the wagons.

decent move really.


Yeah his personal lawyer and campaign manager have both become cooperating government witnesses, but where’s the beef? Lol


Oh. And his CFO


You don’t remember berating us a couple years ago for even implying Trump had business dealings with the Russians? Lol


I also heard Mueller campaigned for Hillary and gave several rousing speeches at her rallies.

He also set a MAGA hat on fire, to much applause.


The Mueller probe started in May 2017. Just in time for the 2016 election.


Truth isnt truth


You forget that he brought it onstage in a basket, said he had some “deplorables” inside, and pulled the MAGA hat out of the basket wrapped in an American flag.

He used a copy of the Constitution to light the hat-flag on fire.

That’s what I heard.


No, I don’t.


The implication was that the Russians were holding something from these dealings over his head as blackmail and yes, I probably berated you? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ahh. The ole “I never supported the Iraq war” 2.0


Any perp walks yet??


Not yet bud


When it happens, let’s get the whole crew involved. Including, team obama and team hillary.

Wouldn’t want future administrations thinking it’s okay to spy on opposition campaigns, would we?


So we’re just ignoring the probe that Comey was in charge of before he was fired and replaced by Mueller? Wasn’t Mueller looking for evidence that Trump fired Comey to cover up the collusion with Russia or have you guys burned that memo already? I mean Comey told the press the Russia investigation was already underway in March, but hey let’s rewrite history. :roll_eyes:


Jane’s Comey isnt Robert Mueller. Ok thx bye


Of course. The Comey investigation had been going on for “several months” when he announced it to the press in March. But I’m sure there was nothing remotely politically motivated behind the investigation and it had nothing to do with the previous administration who had also talked about it, coincidentally prior to Trump taking office. :roll_eyes:


Yawn. Wake me up when there are convictions. Otherwise, you’re performing a witch hunt trying to undo the Mueller investigation.