Don Jr Lied To Congress


You’re right, it is not. And that is not what he is doing here. He is using leverage over Cohen lying to Congress to secure his agreement to work with investigators and spill to them every last bit of crime and corruption that he knows of regarding Donald Trump, his co-conspirator family members, and the Trump Organization.

Mueller allowed Cohen to plea to a lesser charge of lying to Congress, in order to give him immunity for his role in all of the other crimes committed by this scandal plagued organization and the man running the criminal enterprise himself, Donald Trump.

I can’t tell if you feel the walls closing in here or not. If you feel the need to pretend you don’t get what is happening here and just how bad this is for you guys? Or if you legitimately don’t comprehend what is actually happening?


There are two possibilities. (1) Mueller is closing in and saving the really serious collusion stuff for the last.
(2) Mueller has nothing and is doing a political smear to cover himself and perhaps hopes the new Democrat House will take it up.

I am willing to consider the possibility of the first. I am also willing to see the possibility of the latter. So far, there is little support for the first.


Probably this.


How far were investigators into Watergate or Whitewater investigations before you were convinced that they had enough evidence for impeachment? A couple months? A year? Several years? Just checking why conservatives are so impatient considering the length of time investigations have historically taken.


“Polly want a cracker…”



Enron took 5 years. Mueller is only about 1.5 years right now. We all know they are “impatient” because they dont want the investigation in 1st place.


Yeah, because everything in Mueller’s past points to him being this kind of weak, deceptive person.
Let me remind you again.

33 indictments and 7 guilty pleas so far… Again… 7 guilty pleas… I thought you folks wanted the swamp drained? :rofl:


This is already been posted in others threads and maybe even this one, but it’s again worth mentioning as a reminder:

(from FiveThirtyEight)

There’s nothing slow about Mueller.


The Trump brainwashed here will pretend they never saw that no matter how many times it is posted and we will continue to hear about “HOW LONG THIS HAS GONE ON WITH NOTHING!!!”.

Ahem… 33 indictments and 7 guilty pleas. Again… 7 guilty pleas… so far.


Don Jr. is a piece of crap just like dad but here is something we can all feel good about for a moment.

Just saw it and wanted to share.


Yup. There’s a quite a difference between the facts of “slow relative to other investigations” versus “slow relative to my feelings.” Only one of these is reality.


Looks like Republicans loved long special counsels during Bill’s term


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Well back then that was called “thorough” not “wasteful”.


Would you still be defending him if he succeeded?


Wanna guess how many president in the last century or so do no have a pet or specifically a dog in the White House?


Let’s all remember, there was no car bomb.

Plenty of other cases out there where arrests were made because of “plans”.


It makes much more sense if you simply realize that the Trump supporters are simply being disingenuous.


lol - “Yanked it away”, you have no idea if anything was yanked away or why the deal fell through. Could it have been because of the publicity that the campaign’s connection to the russians began to receive after the election? You know, the publicity that you continue to rage against to this day, here in this thread?


It’s amazing how whatever Trump and his machine roll out is immediately picked up and run with as gospel by his brainwashed drones. Amazing!


Prob just trump