Don Jr Lied To Congress


Mueller is supposed to be investigating, not doing opposition research for the DNC for the 2016 election. This reflects badly on Mueller.


Lol ya that’s what mueller is doing


NOt relevant for legal purposes even if true. Lying in a campaign is not illegal. If it were, every candidate would likely wind up in jail. It is not supposed to be Muellers job to prove that Trump lied in the campaign.
That is not illegal collusion.
You apparently thought my point was that Trump never lies. That is not my point.
I don’t know where you got that from…nor do I really care.


Ahh and the goalposts get moved. Just like Trump Tower. “OK maybe we did have dealings with Russia and lied about it. Not illegal!” So you admit they lied good for you. And yet you trust that the lie stops there? Mueller will find out dont worry. .


Show me where I ever said Trump doesn’t lie. Stop with your straw man.


Show me where I said you said that. Strawman.


So what the President and his associates lied about working on a multi million dollar real estate project with our adversary using as a business partner a guy who is up to his eyeballs in the Russian mob.

I mean… that information would have had no bearing on the election I guess.


Trump was secretly dangling the office of the presidency to the russians for a good deal on Moscow real estate. Stop pretending this standard campaign bluster, Russia clearly had compromat on your traitor in chief.


The election is over. Mueller should not be running opposition research for the DNC. Nothing illegal happened,

And some great bribe deal from the Russians…to talk about allowing him to build a building and then closing the offer down as soon as he gets the nomination.
Dems keep forgetting….there is no building.


Cons keep forgetting … the building has no relevance. Intent is all that is relevant.


So then they yank it away when he actually gets the nomination and when he becomes President? The only way he could have made the deal is if he had not gotten the nomination and not gotten the Presidency, and then he would have been worthless to the Russians.
That conspiracy theory holds no water.
It is waterless.


The bank was robbed but… we left without the money.


They shut it down immediately following news of the DNC hack. I’m sure it’s all just a huge coininkydink


Then why all the lies?

If everything is perfectly on the up and up, why have they lied about it at every single turn?


I though everything was being measured in therms of the Trump tower meeting. Now its switched to the DNC hack.
Time relationship is the weakest connection for conspiracy theories, and probably the most commonly used.


The deal was still active when Trump was presumptive nominee. It seems he was essentially using the office of the presidency as a bribe to extract a better deal in secret.

You seem to believe because trump’s attempted bribe fell through it means it was no attempted bribe. It’s your own babble that holds no water.


If you thought that… then you are making up your own timeline…

The DNC and Podesta hacks are the crime… the Trump Tower meeting is eveidence that the Trump campaign was involved with perpetuators of the crime(Russians hacked the DNC and Podesta). Since then several trump campaign associates and Trump himself have lied about involvement with Russia.


Mueller isnt running opposition research, nor have Democrats claimed a building exists.


It isnt “time relationship”. It is real business negotiations that were lied about. It is trumps longtime personal attorney making claims about real meetings happening with Kremlin officials. It is trump org CFO cooperating. It is lies lies lies about trump tower meeting. Indictments of campaign officials for illegal dealings with pro Russia ukranian officials. We still have corsi and stone to find out what exactly happened. This is an investigation cashing checks all the way up the ladder. We are almost at the top.


He is not doing this at all. But I see this talking point is making the rounds across the echo chamber. It’s a strawman deflection that ignores what Mueller is actually doing.

Only in the eyes of the people already predisposed to attacking this man of impeccable character and honor. Who has been more of a patriot and hero to this nation than any of the Trump supporters could dream of being themselves. A man who has devoted his entire adult life to protecting and defending this nation, it’s laws, and the Constitution. And for what? Attacking this man to defend Donald Trump and his merry band of habitual liars, crooks, and thieves. It’s a sad joke. Pathetic does not really do justice in describing the people attacking Mueller’s character to defend Donald Trump.

Not you or anyone on this forum of course. But the Trump supporters outside of this forum in real life that I’ve been reading over at Breitbart and on Facebook.