Don Jr Lied To Congress


Obama failed so miserably that Trump can’t even top him out with jobs created in a year. Obama failed so bad that Trump won’t even beat him in annual GDP growth with a massive deficit fueled economic injection and government spending. Obama failed so bad that Trump is like 3 percentage points below him on annualized S&P500 returns.

Thanks Obama.


ford lied about multiple things. Pretending otherwise is foolish.

Boofed again!


It’s December, and trump is still YOUR president.


You keep repeating that as if it’s some kind of “point”


I am as well. The totally delusional rantings of the intentionally and willfully blind and obtuse gives me great joy. As most of the Trump supporters, not here in this forum of course, but out in the real world that I read at Breitbart and on Facebook, are genuinely cruel and hate filled people. It’s hilarious that they collectively seem to lack the intelligence to even understand what is happening here. They are all like, “What? No collusion. I don’t get it. Why does this matter?” It’s hilarious.


Posters tend to do that when they have nothing else.


I don’t think the rules would allow me to copy the entire article, nor did that part have any relevance to what they revised in the article…which was my point. You are certainly free to and did put in the part that you saw as relevant…to something.
Though I hardly see its importance in that it was perfectly legal and IMO ethical for a candidate to continue his business ventures even while a candidate.


“Trump Glue” , made from only the best horse that fell apart.


And there’s still no Santa Clause. Sorry.


Trump Jr. is a kind and honest person. Many say that he is the best man in the world except his father, and he cannot lie to Congress. It doesn’t even make sense. Except for the possible reason of helping humanity, he has no reason to lie.


It wouldn’t even be close to copying the entire article. You literally left out the one paragraph that contradicts your point.


You think its ethical that a presidential candidate didnt disclose he and his team were working on a Trump Tower deal in Moscow during the campaign, while Russia was being accused of election meddling on behalf of Trump, and lied about it? Are you serious? And Trump has already admitted he “lightly” looked into it. Incredible…


For me, if the American people understand the deal with the Trump tower in Moscow during the campaign, it is unlikely that we will have any influence on the election. Even if they know that Trump is actively lying, they will still vote for him.


Yeah, it’s like he knows he is the worst President in history and likes to taunt people with it…


Like “haha, look what I elected!”


Trump could shoot someone on 5th ave…


Trump is still better than Hillary.


Whatever helps trumpers sleep at night


It did not contradict my point at all.
Not in the least.


Yes, it did. Cohen plead guilty to actions that took place during the campaign that don jr and trump have lied about.