Dominion voting systems sues giulianai for 1.3B

Well, the Trump Presidency and Trumpism are a truly historic event that moany people wil be talking about for a long time.

But I was just thinking how much of a non entity he became after losing his twitter.

Too funny!

I don’t think that they would be filing multiple $B lawsuits if there was anything wrong with their systems.

…or…because these are the few attempting to force this issue, they’re in the crosshairs.

If Dominion had anything to worry about in discovery, they wouldn’t have filed the suit. Their lawyers understand how this works.

So do the lawyers at FOX, and all of the other right wing media sites that have been frantically retracting stories about Dominion.

Eventually you’re going to have to accept that it’s all lies.


He who has the biggest checkbook typically wins.

I agree - those who have been moaning for 4 years will continue to be moany. :wink:

I know…and that’s why there were already 6,000 votes in Michigan caught red handed being switched from Trump to Biden. Then what happened, quickly Dominion blamed it on “human error”. Now consider, a system so ill thought out that a “human” could do that? The election needs to be forensically examined for fraud…period.

There are a bunch of articles that explain what happened in Antrim County. It was human error as the clerk did not update the counting software. And when the software was updated Trump won the county with 56%.


Will you accept that you were lied to, when Dominion wins millions of dollars from the people that lied to you for telling you those lie?

Or will you still believe?


Now think…a zillion dollar election system…that had to be “updated” right before the election, by a person who obviously wasn’t capable of doing it right?

The sheople troughs are open. Come and get it. :sunglasses:


Who needs to maintain software anyway? Updates? NO WAY! Let that system become obsolete.

Seems consistent with conservatives… just look at Parler :rofl:

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The case had nothing to do with wither or not the Clerk was capable. Before the software update error was found Biden had won the county. After the software update Trump was the winner.

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First…if you were so slack, that your mistakes had to be corrected…in a zillion dollar system…right before the election…you were never capable of handling it correctly in the first place. Second…if your system is so fallible, that this could happen…that’s two nails in your coffin of incompetence and Smyrna says…“you’re fired”. :sunglasses:

keep swallowing their nonsense my friend.

But Smyrna isn’t the Boss, so his statement means nothing.

None of this has anything to do with the lawsuit against Rudy.

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It’s a shame Rudy doesn’t have the Tucker Defense available.

“It’s not defamation because no reasonable person would believe me”


…but you’d love the smooth operating perfection of where I am the boss. :sunglasses:

I doubt it, going by your posts here.

You’re still trying to deflect from the topic at hand.


I’m actually in favor of this. It opens Dominion up to deep scrutiny. If there were issues with their machines, this may be the only way to find out.