Dominic Raab is the Acting Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, as Boris Johnson is now in intensive care

Don’t know a great deal about this guy, other than he has been a Member of Parliament since 2010 and ran for Prime Minister after May’s resignation. He is First Secretary of State and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. He became Acting Prime Minister today when Boris Johnson’s condition declined to the point where he is currently incapacitated.

Raab is reliably and consistently underwhelming.

We don’t really have a formal vice PM as you have with the vice president so the exact nature of this arrangement is not entirely clear under our constitution.

Crazy times

All I know is that even the Brits I know who are Tories think Raab is a total clown. But not a clown in a way they like like Johnson?

Johnson is an act, Raab is a nodding dog.

Plus he went to Cambridge, so is clearly a bad choice

He isn’t actually acting PM is my understanding.

He’s taken over Johnson’s duties so yes, that would make him acting PM irrespective of the title.

BJ was moved back out of ICU yesterday and seems to be greatly improved.

Great news for the UK.


No it does not. Bojo is still the PM.

@Happyhappyjoyjoy would it be fair to assume you read at Oxford?

The concept of acting PM doesn’t really exist here, Johnson was still in charge the whole time.

Oxford produces gentlemen and leaders

Cambridge weirdos just win nobel prizes and cure cancer. Losers.


Bojo handed over his duties when he went into the hospital.

Whatever you want to call him, he’s acting as the PM till Boris is ready to resume those duties.

So that would be a resounding yes. Not wanting to stir (too much) doesn’t Cambridge lead Oxford at the moment?

Should I have mentioned in my post “The Boat Race”?

A nonsense event full of ringers and dopers.

Too many americans to take it seriously anymore.

There have been a few Aussies as well I believe?

There are subtle but important differences.

It’s mostly semantics but there are some constitutional implications

Like I say, they let all sorts of riff raff take part these days.

That was reported yesterday.

Sounds like they were being over cautious.