DOJ - Yale illegally discriminates against Asian Americans and Whites

Very interesting…this could be beginning of the end of affirmative action.

After receiving complaints from Asian American students, the Justice Department two years ago launched an investigation of Yale’s admissions process. The investigation concluded that Asian American and white applicants are only one-tenth to one-fourth as likely to be admitted as African American applications with comparable academic records.

Is this systemic racism ?

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Equality. Like freedom, it can be messy.

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Two wrongs don’t make a right.

We’e known this for generations. Why haven’t previous Administrations stepped up and said this?

Looks like in the article they’re more likely to see black students as contributing to the Yale community, & possibly violating federal statutes with regards yo consideration of race.

Looks like the end of Affirmative Action at Yale.

Should be the end of Affirmative Action period.

My daughter is Asian, taking after her mother. She applied to Penn, Columbia and Princeton (plus three non-Ivy schools), was accepted to every institution she applied to and ultimately attended Penn.

Had she applied to Yale, she would have faced the very same discrimination that is still going on.

It needs to stop.

Legacies need to stop as well.

Every applying student needs to be considered on an equal basis, period.

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It won’t be the end of anything.

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You gotta love how they word these highly subjective standards they include in admitting students:

"The school said in reviewing applicants, it considers several factors, “including their academic achievement, interests, demonstrated leadership, background, success in taking maximum advantage of their secondary school and community resources, and the likelihood that they will contribute to the Yale community and the world.”

taking maximum advantage of their secondary school and community resources

Translation to normal human speak, extra credit for doing your homework while having depressing decorating.

…and the doj will change its position as soon as Biden takes office.

Could this be defined as…black privilege?

Unless Biden wins. Then it will be thrown out.

Someone else could take up a similar lawsuit though

These things seldom get prosecuted under republicans. I don’t expect better success under socialists.

If a private party is pursuing the lawsuit, it’s up to the judicial; probably SCOTUS eventually