DOJ seeks new emergency powers amid pandemic

I came across this article today and not being well read on legal issues, I was hoping to get a dialogue going in order to understand this better. I know there are a few users here that are well versed in constitutional matters.

Bad idea. lol

Sounds like Trump’s authoritarian dreams might come true. Next thing you know he will be shutting down media companies “in the name of public health”.

The National Guard has deployed a few thousand troops to help states hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, but it wants Americans to know that rumors of impending martial law are blatantly false.

One of the Guard’s top generals tweeted out that assurance Friday as officials blamed misinformation and propaganda campaigns for the false rumor.

“I hear unfounded rumors about #NationalGuard troops supporting a nationwide quarantine,” wrote Gen. Joseph Lengyel, chief of the National Guard Bureau. “Let me be clear: There has been no such discussion.”

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I’m not very impressed historically with the DoJ and the current one hasn’t removed my doubts yet? If I were to vote on it, NOPE!

More idiotic stereotypes? Really?

Our DOJ has shown that if we give them powers only to be used with extreme caution,and in limited circumstances, they will use those new powers as their go to hammer, and they’ll make it a simple matter to justify turning anyone into a nail


If the situation was more extreme I could see the need, but not for the current one.

I’m thinking more like a bio-weapon attack type scenario. But then again, in that scenario I don’t think it would be the DoJ. So I guess I just talked myself out of this.

Well, if we had some real World War Z zombie apocalypse, I might see powers that allow LEO to lock zombies up. but we ain’t there yet, not even close

And so it begins…

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What else would they say? :sunglasses:

Trump is an authoritarian.

That’s what I was going to say. Not sure we mean the same thing or not.

Please, go right ahead.

No, he’s not. He’s not that smart.

They have more than enough power and they abuse what they have already. They don’t need more.

Agreed. My thinking is never let a good crisis go to waste.

It’s his nature, it doesn’t take brains. I didn’t say he was good at it lol.


I don’t think so. I think he doesn’t know how government works and doesn’t understand why he can’t do what others have done without everybody going crazy over it.