DOJ Report Drops

This is the same dude who has been flying around the world trying to dig up evidence counter to this report.

Let that sink in.

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It’s what I told people


Aye or hopping off weeds, if you get my drift


Never, ever give up.

It’s like an early xmas…serves people right for giving in a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ conspiracy nut that is trump


Did I call it or did I call it?

The FBI right alone with NSA and CIA is most corrupt agencies in the world.

What makes em so corrupt? They hid behind our laws.

Nor would workaday Trumpists.

Trump said that to their faces/

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Don’t give up the good fight, @conan. Just double down on it, buddy.
I mean, what are the odds that you are simply wrong? No way you are wrong about this, despite all the evidence on the contrary.


Wow what an idiot

I’m just wondering if FBI is investigating Biden and his son.

Another sad and dark day for Trump supporters :pensive:

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So he worked as trump campaign manager while he was under Investigation ( for free) while getting paid millions by corrupt kgb trained ukraineain and somehow the GOP platform during the convention, ,where he worked and organized it, removed and changed Ukraine/Russian plank.

Money is a hell of a drug

I’m starting to get the impression you don’t think Trump hires the best people… :sweat_smile:


Ivanka has never mentioned this relationship with Christopher Steele. Did she ever mention this relationship when applying for her security clearance? I think House GOP members should insist on Ivanka’s testimony.


To fight Ukraine corruption, don’t you need the person most singularity involved with Ukraine corruption as your campaign manager?


Who started the Biden thing .I bet you cohen passover there

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Followee by sobbing

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This is not going to go over well with fat donald. :rofl:

BTW, He hasn’t tweeted anything all day.


The twisting is not over…face it Trump deserves what he got the man surrounds himself with people who are questionable at best and corrupt at worst and then feigns outrage at getting investigated?

Let’s be real here Trump acts and conducts himself like a mob boss…wonder why

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