Doj releases more Mueller docs

Some notables are Roth saying he was disgusted ove how Comey was treated.

Cohen was told not to contradict and to leave out certain info about trump tower moscow.


Are these old reports that are just now being released, or is Mueller still active out there?

They were being held up by the doj till a foia via the courts forced them to release stuff

There’s another report that supposed to be coming out this week I thought. Is this one it?

You thinking the 9th and that’s the fbi report?
Barr wants to delay that because it doesnt say what he wants it to say

Another delay, eh? Shocking. lol

Are there any other reports out there being readied?

Ask barr…he wants it delayed…

I know the intelligence committee is writing theirs up…

So at least 3 reports then? That outta be good for a half season or so and get us right into the main election season. Well done, gov.

Surely you got him now.

Shrug…seems fairly typical

Are these all a bunch of notes that Mueller and his team of experts went through in order to determine that there was insufficient evidence of cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia?

Trump Man Good.