DOJ is moving forward on McCabe lying

For whom was it intended?

I suppose a person who is incapable of remembering their errors would be likely to conclude they have a good memory.

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Why are you getting personal?

Nothing personal … just offering my thoughts. Why are you getting defensive?

It is personal, you whine about personal frequently.

There is only one person whining here.

And I am asking you to stop.

Flynn’s sentencing has been scheduled, for Jan 28th.

It doesn’t look like this whole Sidney Powell gambit is gonna work out well for him.

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I wouldn’t count on that.

You didn’t hear?

Judge Sullivan filed an Order today.

He tossed out all of Powell’s motions, scheduled the sentencing, and just to top it off, in dicta, accused her of plagiarism and essentially threatened to file a complaint with the DC Bar against her.

It’s all being discussed in the other thread.

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No, I had a busy day.

I don’t think he’s going to get off but I do think he’s going to face far less of a sentence now due to the malfeasance of the FBI.

Flynn fired his old legal team, and hired Powell after pleading guilty. I think it’s clear to everyone that she’s not acting on her own.

I think Sullivan is very pissed right now - and it’s not at the FBI. You should read the order. It’s a scorcher.

Doubtful but we shall see. Flynn is not responsible for his lawyer’s shenanigans and I expect based on Sullivan’s record he can distinguish between the two.

I’m not sure how this happened, but the post above is the response to this.

Here’s the link to the order:

If you read it really closely, you can see that in the 90-odd pages of the opinion, there’s not a single word that Flynn could interpret as “good news”.

Sullivan definitely slapped both Flynn and his lawyer today. I think “pissed” might be a good description.
Someone needs to gag Flynn and his lawyer until they come back for sentencing. Each time they open their mouth, they seem to shoot themselves in the foot.

Sullivan is famous for his Brady stuff - and he knows he’s famous for it.

I don’t think he likes it when people try to manipulate him with it.

From the order, in reference to Flynn’s 50 Brady requests:

To evaluate Mr. Flynn’s requests, the Court divides them into six categories, acknowledging that there is some overlap within certain categories: (1) information that does not exist; (2) information that is not within the government’s possession; (3) information that Mr. Flynn concedes he is not entitled to; (4) information that the government has already provided to Mr. Flynn; (5) information that is unrelated to the charges against Mr. Flynn in this case or to his sentencing; and (6) remaining requests.

All 50 requests were denied.

In the “remaining requests” he states that Mr Flynn misunderstands the law.

Well, he states that more than once. He says it in his introduction, too.

And at the start of the analysis.