DOJ is moving forward on McCabe lying

You’ll have to wait for Durhams criminal investigation into the sicko that lied to the fisa court to spy on Trump.

I thought it was Horowitz report.

Guess not…


Nope, Horowitz was limited in his investigation not Durham.

No, no… It was Huber until it wasn’t

Lol cling to those dreams. Now your gonna have to wait on Durham’s hack job


That buys you some more time to avoid any sort of reconciliation with reality, and whatever it is you’re into.

When that face plants, then there will be something else to keep the fantasies alive. I get it, it’s entertaining for some but at some point I would think all the facecplants and self closing would get tiresome. In for a penny, in for a pound I guess.


Bro, still waiting on that DECLAS.


Thanks for finally admitting that the Trump admin is part of the deep state!

Let the sun shine in!

Rip the band-aid off.

Show us the truth, dip Donnie!

You didn’t watch the testimony.

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No political bias, that much is certain.


Not what he said, that much is certain.

No political bias was the conclusion of the Horowitz report.



No, it wasn’t.

No clear political bias behind the opening of the surveillance operation on Carter Page, but the continuance of the surveillance after exculpatory evidence came in is problematic, according to Horowitz’ testimony.

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It already has been which is why the Flynn sentencing was delayed.

Did I mean Horowitz?

Doesn’t matter now that Hillary and the DNC have been caught red handed colluding with the FBI to throw and election.

The reality is some very sick people have been exposed by Horowitz.