DOJ EXPOSÉ: IG Poised to Release BOMBSHELL Report on Clinton Probe

@conan should thank you for doing his leg work for him. And like you, I’ll wait until something legitimate is offered from a reputable source, of which Gateway Pundit is anything but.

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Both “I heard a thing” and “I know a guy” are create a more credible basis for a statement than anything associated with The Gateway Pundit.



Wouldn’t it be funny if they found the fbi was intentionally sinking Clinton’s campaign?

Meanwhile libs worship CNN and NYT about their source of Russian collusion for last year and half.

Meanwhile we are still waiting on proof.

But yet you libs are sill pushing it.

So will see.

Who’s in charge of all the Russian investigations? Is it Libs? I can’t remember.

Nothing. Two separate alleged crimes. One seems obvious. Let’s stick to proving Trump/Russian collusion.

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I don’t believe that I have seen any articles from either of those two sources that has said flat out that there absolutely was collusion. Maybe I missed them. So I would be thankful it you could provide the links. Thanks.

Neither cnn or nyt has claimed there was collusion.

The OP also has the “If this is true” construct in it. Literally.


Trump appointed Aag and a lifelong republican who was awarded the bronze star with v and a Purple Heart in Vietnam.

You got tater this time!


BOMBSHELL report!!! Give me a break.

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“The draft, however, does not include any recommendations for criminal prosecution and if there was any evidence collected by the Inspector General’s office of criminality would be turned over to the Department of Justice for review.”

Whoops. Color me surprised. Another @conan dud.

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As much as it pains me to agree with Mr. Balls, I think that he’s right.

Everyone here should always listen to CNN or the New York Times! They’re not biased in their news what-so-ever! and they’re a highly respected source of News!
Yeah, I couldn’t say that with a straight face. lol.

You silly libs still chasing your tail on Trump Russian collusion.

Meanwhile you’re ignoring the hounds closing in all around you.

Too funny…silly libs.

So says the poster who believes the Wall Street Journal is a loony-lib outlet, and that Rand Paul and Paul Ryan are big time libs. Let’s just say your credibility on these matters has been obliterated before you even came out the gates.

Funny how libs been clinging on CNN and NYT as if they are God.

Silly libs.

Could you please copy and paste the part where I supposedly said that Rand Paul, and Paul Ryan are big time libs? I think that you like to exaggerate the truth a little.
It was more like, I think that they should be Democrats, because a lot of their ideas or the things they support(especially Paul Ryan, in Obama’s Term as president), tend to lean more towards Democrat views, then Republican views.
“Let’s just say your credibility on these matters has been obliterated before you even came out the gates.” Here’s a mirror, take it home, and once you find out the answer in it, then come back and we might be able to be on the same page intellectually. Until then, you’re annoying me and a joke to talk with. At first you were some what amusing, but now you’re really just annoying. lol.