DOJ Employee Says Coworkers Discuss “Resisting” Trump from Within the Department | Sean Hannity

Video footage of a Department of Justice employee discussing the “resist” movement within the agency was captured by investigative journalism organization, Project Veritas, as part of an explosive series on the “Deep State.”

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Gee…why am I not surprised?
I look at the transcript .
“I mean”…“sort of” …“like”.
This is just an example of why many Americans seethe over those in DC who claim the need for even more and higher taxes.
We look at government and the salaries employees are paid and we expect the best and brightest.
Instead we get to pay people who could not construct a complete sentence without stammering.
My guess is Washington is filled with these millenial do nothings who spent an average 5 and half years trying to earn a 4 year degree so they could worm their way into government jobs. Slackers all, figure it’s an easy job that pays well and offers great benefits. These people produce nothing.