DOJ DISGRACE: Rosenstein Vows to ‘CLEAN UP’ DOJ after Scathing IG Report

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein vowed Thursday to “clean up” the Department of Justice after his Inspector General found anti-Trump abuse throughout the agency ahead of the 2016 race for the White House.

Rosenstein was speaking alongside FBI Director Christopher Wray before the House Judiciary Committee when he pledged to clampdown on political bias and wrongdoing at the Department.

“Everyone knew about some of those departures as they occurred. We learned about others through the internal investigation, such as leaking to the news media, and political bias,” Rosenstein said. “We need to correct errors, hold wrongdoers accountable, and deter future violations.”

“As with most things in Washington, the real work is not done on television and it is not all done by me,” Rosenstein deflected. “Trump administration officials are meeting and talking to your staffs every day to accommodate requests and produce relevant information to this committee, other committees and several Senate committees.”

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I trust The Weasel as far as I cam spit into Cat 5 hurricane winds.

Care to demonstrate that for us to see how far you can spit?

Make sure to put it on youtube.

Rod Rosenstein takes down dumb ass Jim Jordan, beating Jordan senseless with his own empty words. You can hear Jordan almost in tears toward the end of the smack down. Meanwhile, Rosenstein is cool as a cucumber after having delivered a masterful verbal ass kicking.

Why would this be Rosenstein’s job and not Sessions?

Rosenstein is a Republican, and he was appointed by Trump to serve as DAG.

Who give a ■■■■ who he was appointed by…or his party affiliation.