DoJ charges Iranian in plot to kill Bolton

I thought the deport was filled with partisan hacks. Seems like they got this one right.

I’m not sure Bolton was liked by either R or D, but whatevs. Glad they’re doing something.

What does that matter?

The premise of your thread is

I mean, I know that was your comment because I quoted it. It seems to be the only thing that you’d like to discuss about this incident.

Don’t hide behind “who me??!”


The problem is, you’re trying to springboard this story into how non-partisan the DOJ is. The only problem, you forgot that all the people want Bolton far far away from the war machine, not just the left.

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My point is, I’ve been hearing how the DoJ is nothing but a tool for the Ds to extract revenge or block trump or something…

So how on earth could they actually do something like this? This isn’t their mission, is it? Protecting americans and seeking justice?

I’m still not understanding your point.

If you wanted someone away from power, wouldn’t you let the iranians kill them?


You think they should get a participation trophy for doing their job?


Oh, and paywall. Given the limited commentary on your part, the thread is in violation of copyright laws. The quoted material will now be deleted.

I think if you search through those threads and find some pictures of Greene hawking her defund the FBI T shirts you will find my statement that we can’t do that because there is a part that fights against real crime. Thanks for the example.


The unfortunately part means that we can’t just defund a few bad apples at the top, like we did McCabe and Strzok.

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