Dog faced pony soldier biden

Now the dog face pony Soldier Biden in blaming the interviewer for his " you ain’t black " comment.

This guy is out of his mind.

Biden blames Charlamagne for Biden’s comment. This is really something.

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I am still wondering how biden blames Charlamagne for his you ain’t black comment and the left gives him a pass. When he called that person a lying dog faced pony soldier, they gave him a pass. Every inappropriate thing he mumbles, they giive him a pass.
This guy is 77 years old, senile, and should be in a rest home. He is obviously not up to being President of the United States .



He’s really not up to be functioning in polite society.


He is obviously having some issues.

This is a good video compliments of Fox News.

Harlem residents react to Joe Biden’s ‘you ain’t black’ remark May. 27, 2020 - 2:59 - Lawrence Jones asks New Yorkers what they think about Joe Biden’s comment and whether the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is taking the black vote for granted.

I only saw the one clip I have seen others post mainly on online leftwing sites that the full video is worse and bizarre than the “You ain’t black” segment that was highlighted. I don’t think I could sit through it to find out though. Biden’s just getting started unless they put him back in the basement.

It is difficult to digest the mental decline of the darling of the dems, senile joe biden.

So it’s someone else’s fault Biden said that?

BDS on full display by the previous posters.


Okay so you guys definitely don’t know who Charlamagne tha God actually is lol.


I’m wondering if the comment was attributed to Trump instead, then what would people have to say about it.

What is BDS? I have not heard that before.

I f President Trump had said it we would have another impeachment hearing.


Biden Derangement Syndrome

Tommy we all know who Charlemagne is.

What is your point?

Did Biden say something inappropriate about if a black did not vote for him (Biden), the black would not be black?

Or are you saying Charlemagne tricked Biden into saying that?

That is Biden’s story and he is sticking to it.

He has planted his flag at the summit of Mt. Moron.

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It’s invented. Pretty much a lie used to minimalize TDS. We are not allowed to point out any of Biden’s real, actual flaws now. Unless we give Joe a pass on everything, they claim it’s BDS. It’s a desperate attempt to protect their nit wit.

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You know who Charlamagne is? You a big listener to The Breakfast Club on Power 107?

Let me put it this way, despite Biden’s history of gaffes, when I saw his interview with Charlamagne was trending on Twitter, my first thought was, “What the ■■■■ did Charlamagne do this time?”