Does your state have a Covid plan?

Mine did. It was called “Flatten the curve.” Now it’s pretty much radio silence. No plan, no info, no nothing.

Since my state is not saying diddly. I will suggest a plan myself. Which happens to be an excellent plan.

Stay the course until a vaccine is widely available. After one becomes available do one of three things. Leave it up to the people.

  1. Get vaccinated and get rid of your mask. Resume your life.

  2. Continue the safe behavior that you have practiced over the past few months as long as necessary.

  3. Do neither and accept the increased risk of getting infected.

What would you suggest for your state?

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My state, Indiana has a very comprehensive plan. I cannot really complain about the way the governor has handled it.

He took it seriously, did what had to be done and focused on the citizens of Indiana.

Its not rocket science, wear a mask in Public places, avoid large gatherings when ever possible, sanitize your hands regulalry.

None of this is an infringement of anyones civil liberties.

And yes I have gone on record previously saying anyone who is protesting and not wearing a mask, social distancing etc are adding to the problems.

Everybody had that plan. But things will soon change. Will people be forced to continue to wear after they have been vaccinated? Have they informed you as to what the end game looks like?

Dude… we are looking at like another year of this mess.

I know that we want instant gratification… but that is just not how the world works.

Dude. Not for everybody. People will be getting vaccinated. Those people will be really pissed if they have to wear a mask for no reason.

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We will have a vaccine rolling out maybe… maybe by the end of the year if everything goes right.

Then there is the time it takes to manufacture and distribute it.

Once there is a vaccine it isn’t like this thing is gone overnight… it takes hard work and time.

No they did not all have the same plan. Indiana had a phased reopening and now mandate mask wearing in public places.

No post vaccination plans announced because as of today there is no vaccination being given.

Knowing the sensible approach of our governor so far I trust him to make the right decision.

I would love to “leave it up to the people” and let them live with their own choices.

The problem is that they can be asymptomatic spreaders, like the Maine wedding that had guests, and 147 secondary and tertiary cases and 3 deaths of people who weren’t at the wedding.

It’s no different then shooting a gun in the air for fun. Yeah you’re not aiming it at anybody, most likely nothing will happen but it’s also wildly irresponsible.

Should be interesting to see where we are in 3-4 weeks now that all the schools are trying to start in person classes again and with fall coming.

If your state doesn’t have a plan then good look. I wouldn’t get your hopes up on a vaccine any time soon either.

Not correct. We will be making vaccine before it is approved. Starting in early October. Barring any major setbacks. When it’s approved, it will be ready for distribution. Operation warp speed stuff.

No problem then. Because of this, people who have not been vaccinated can continue to social distance and wear masks. You will still be allowed to protect yourself. Wearing a mask after vaccination is like putting on a condom after sex.

Our Governor Wolf led the second most inept response highlighted by closing interstate rest areas when grocery store shelves were sparse.

He has acted with random impunity and no plan.

He and the Barney Rubble with a mop on his head lookalike are chasing case counts like a rabid dog chases its own tail.

Our hospitals had to defy them to resume elective surgery.

The only good news is he created a lot of Trump voters. It is the one way the people he harmed can speak with actually being heard.

Vaccination won’t be a thing any time soon.

Hand waving away a lot of realities isn’t a plan.

Where did all the hope for normal go?

Maybe it’s resting with Sleepy Joe in his cozy basement today.

Tomorrow will shine.

You were saying we should have opened for Easter, remember? And that it was over a long time ago.

Based on the performance of America’s broken and bankrupt health care system during the pandemic, like I said you can’t just hand wave away the logistics of getting 400 million vaccination shots, whenever that becomes available.

No I get it.

It will still take quite a while to get the amount needed out to the population.

The first wave will be health care and elderly.

Then the general population will have access to it.

It is going to take a while.

You only need urgency for over 70 comorbid population.

The mood is improving.

I wonder how man votes Jiminy Cricket running on a platform of if you want something you just wish for it really really really really hard would get.

No need to wonder.

Just look at how Biden has shifted his positions over the last couple weeks.

Still running the national masque mandate ad. LOL.