Does This Ring A Bell?

I sure remember how Chris Christie was chastised after his meeting with Obama and his praise of how Obama came through after the Sandy disaster. And I heard that today DeSantis was catching flack for his meeting with Biden. I just can’t figure out why some Conservatives are so damn childish.

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Between all the childish nicknames and who they last elected for President, its sadly on brand these days.


It will be interesting to see if Trump makes a comment or not.
As I understand it, DeSantis owes Trump for his influence in getting him elected Governor.
Lately though Trump is not a fan of DeSantis because he sees him getting so much attention as a possible candidate for President in 2024. A lane that Trump wants all to himself to either run or fake a run to make money. DeSantis has asked Trump not to do his Florida rally this weekend because of the ongoing situation there. And yet Trump is still going ahead with plans to do the rally.

Now open both eyes…cuz it’s on both sides of the aisle plus all around us everyday.

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Gotta give props to DeSantis for doing this. Putting his constituents first.

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Got any examples of the tribes reversed?

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Why does EVERYTHING need to have a #butwhatabout?

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. President’s are supposed to go to States where a major disaster has taken place and Governor’s are supposed to meet with them.

Had Obama or Biden chosen to avoid those situations, they would have caught flack for their absence. Partisan politics pure and simple. I personally believe Obama, Christie, Biden and DeSantis did what they were supposed to do.

christie was heaping praise on obama right at election time, so there’s a big difference.

cuomo, newsom and NJ gov. all received blowback for praising Trump’s help during the early stages of covid last year.

Good for desantis and gropey joe.

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Antidote to hypocrisy.

No, because you (copyright) almost wholly use it as deflection, which makes “butwhatabout” hypocrisy unto itself.

It’s not an earnest attempt to discuss the topic.

Your first post in this topic was to try do the bothsiderism dance instead of an honest “yes, those who criticized Christie were asinine partisans.”

I didn’t deflect anything. Those are good examples of repugs giving credit where credit is due. Any from the progs?


Yes, deflectionism.

I understand. Bitter. Tsk, tsk.

You came into this thread, not discussing the topic that was presented in the OP, but attempting to dig up some gotcha or hypocrisy, and what makes it especially laughable is that you expected someone besides yourself to do the work to find out if your premise is true.


I hope no one was standing near you when you typed that, because it seemed like quite the knee-jerk :rofl: :rofl:

If you had a post where OP attacked Governor Democrat for giving credit to President Republican during a major crisis, maybe you’d have a point.

We all remember the Christie/Obama thing. Despite Christie’s years of HARSH rhetoric against Obama, he was very harshly attacked for giving the sitting president credit for doing what the president is supposed to do in a time of crisis. There was a strong right-wing reaction against Christie. That’s a fact.

The Christie/Obama situation was emotional due to being so close to the election. This one is relevant as DeSantis is seen by many in the right-wing as the current front-runner for '24. If Biden and DeSantis are able to work together like this, when necessary, are people going to poopoo DeSantis like they did Christie? Why not use it as a positive and say “hey, when ■■■■ hits the fan, he doesn’t play games, and gets the job done”? That’s how they spun it in 2012, and that’s how “they” are spinning it for Biden now. That’s the real question that should be asked, not “lol, progs are bad too, right?”


What you can’t find one dem governor being a bigger man and thanking a GOP president for helping out so you posted that big long spin?

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I could easily post Gavin Newsom thanking President Trump. But this thread is not about that.

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It’s how intelligent people process information. We compare and contrast a thing/event/behavior with other things/events/behaviors that we have previously processed. It also keeps us intellectually honest since two like things should elicit the same response from us.

I don’t have an issue with either of these events. I was genuinely impressed that Obama made that effort at the time.

Literally no one believes this.

It was a really lame ass attempt at “lol, libs sux too,” and as I pointed out, what was particularly lame about it was expecting someone else to do the work prove the petty deflection.