Does the Speaker Have the 216 Votes?

  • Speaker Pelosi Has the 216 Votes Needed Streak Intact
  • Speaker Pelosi Falls Just Short of 216 Streak Gone.

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We all have been brainwashed to not question that Speaker Pelosi always is certain her votes are mustered and reliable. She has a very long and untainted record for doing this.

Failing a vote is not an impossible outcome when one considers the divisive nature of the impeachment process and the questionable methods that the house has used.

I put President Trump’s odds at winning in 2016 at about 5%. I was resigned and resolved to Trump having made a good campaign , but not being able to break into the DC elite club.

At this point I still believe Pelosi will be able to hold on to enough Impeachment votes to send it to the Senate. I put this at 70 to 30. Far less of an expected outcome that was the Trump Presidential victory.

As more analysis and thought is given…the less secure she will be.

I am going to predict the upset in the poll. I will do this on the basis that it would be the single most effective rebuke that could be given to Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi for bringing forth such a weak case.

It would be a roar heard around the world and especially in the Ukraine who would be bolstered by such a rejection.

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“The only Republican President to ever get impeached. The only impeached President to get reelected.”

Hope you brought your poncho, you’re in the splash zone. lol


I fixed your first sentence:

We all have been brainwashed to not question ANYTHING Trump says or does.

The voters are in control.

They can be manipulated by investigation and media allegations and yet the truth always comes forth.

Go ahead and vote in this little poll.

You can gloat when the vote flies through with well over 216.


Pelosi is a good politician. She will have the votes.

Pelosi has never called for a vote she didn’t already know she was going to win in her whole career.


What I hear you saying is that Pelosi is way overdue for a vote not going her way.


Hold up lemme call her and ask

Raise your hands libs…your voters want you to out your strictly partisan selves.

Thank God you’re above all that.


Thank you my friend for both your support and honesty. :sunglasses:


Wow…you said something right and didn’t even know it. Now that is…funny. :sunglasses:


Whoosh indeed, right? :rofl:

Here, hold this:



It’s not brainwashing that people believe Nancy has the votes. She is known for knowing her numbers. Just like Trump is known for being fined 2 million dollars for charity fraud. Some things are just the truth.

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She,s masterful about her votes.

Unsure why anyone doesn’t think this is a mortal lock.


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I think she does, the dimwit Dems are hell bent on this impeachment vote so what are you going to do :woman_shrugging: let them implode, at this point sane people can just sit back and watch these whacko’s destroy themselves.

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We all know that mistakes are made when you rush.

One mistake may well be a misreading of some more moderate D support.

I am inclined to think it is possible 20 house democrats are more philosophically aligned with Turley than with Pam Karlan.

Not likely…possible.


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Honest? Did the Obama administration ever withhold aid from Ukraine?

What did Obama’s VP say about it?