Does the President have Absolute Power over the Country and States

According to Trump he has absolute power over the country, and States within it.

what are you though on this statement.

Given the president’s absolute authority I wonder how quickly all semi-automatics will be banned.

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“This theory holds that the president has inherent, implicit authority under Article II of the Constitution that cannot be constrained by Congress—including exclusive power to control all subordinates. In the words of the law professor John Yoo, the author of the infamous Department of Justice memos rationalizing torture under the presidency of George W. Bush, presidents need unitary executive power “to defend the country in times of crisis and emergency.””

This might be what the president is referring to.

He’s flailing and lashing out.

His delusions and objective reality are not very good dance partners.

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Trump is merely saying what every President has done. Acquire more power for the Federal Government at the expense of the States and more power for the Presidency.

Trump may go over the top in the things he says, but like EVERY President, he has sought more power for the Federal Government and for the Presidency.

Power seeks more power.

That is an axiom.


And of course action on climate change will occur under the auspices of the president’s absolute authority.

i look forward to medicare for all by presidential decree

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Dictator Trump flushing the Constitution down the toilet.

It’s very convenient that trump gathers absolute power in the executive branch before he leaves in January.


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It’s the ultimate irony that Talk Radio Conservatism has to support this stuff.


This is one reason I hope one party never controls both the White House and both branches of Congress again. Congress needs to step the hell up and start ensuring the separation of powers. Trump may be the first to say it outright, but presidents before him have tried to expand their powers.

For the good of the country, Congress needs to reclaim it’s rightful place. And, we sure as hell don’t need one political party controlling the executive and both houses of the legislative branch.


I’ll just add that as a conservative, I’ve always believed in upholding states’ rights. I hope others recognize that this shows that Trump is no conservative at all. He needs to reread the constitution very carefully.


Reread the constitution? Isn’t that a foolhardy assumption that he has read it once?


Hmmm - good point.


And also…read? Come on…


Well, he does have to read a teleprompter at some point.

Of course, I’m not sure how much coaching he gets…

2nd term and it will go through congress.

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The wonderful world of central government.

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The context for Trump’s statement is missing. I suspect Trump is being Adam Sieved by this tweeter.
Absolute power to do something. But what?

He has as much power as he does condemnation for it? Do you hear any condemnation? :sunglasses: